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Why Manchester United need to stand by David Moyes

We Must Stick With David Moyes.. For Now.

Will David Moyes be successful at United? I don’t know, nobody does. Will David Moyes ultimately come up short and be a failure of Frank O’ Farrell and Wilf McGuinness proportions? I don’t know, nobody does.

Does David Moyes deserve more respect, patience and most importantly time? Absolutely no doubt about it!

Much has been said, argued and deliberated since Moyes was given the unenviable task of replacing the living legend that is Sir Alex. Whilst at first many were in shock at the prospect of the man who had never won a single trophy taking over from the grand master of silverware attainment, such worries and doubts where somewhat reduced when it was established that it was in fact Sir Alex himself who had personally selected Moyes as “The Chosen One”.


As scepticism somewhat subsided however, there was still a large level of agitation and aggravation at the inability to not only appoint Mourinho – the man seen by many as the natural heir to Ferguson’s Old Trafford throne, but also the handing of an unprecedented six year contract to Moyes.  What followed was a level of opinion – segregation that has split United fans into two autonomous groups. Those of whom will back Moyes and give him time, and by time I mean sufficient time and those of whom, despite what they say, will not back Moyes as they were simply not happy with his appointment in the first place. Don’t get me wrong I am not here to judge what category you fall in to and nor do I have a problem with anyone airing their opinion. Football is subjective, it’s for this very reason we love the game and could stay up from dusk till dawn deliberating over the movements of a lump of leather.

Upon Saturday’s defeat at the hands of Stoke that leaves United in the position of mid-table mediocrity are form is so evidently deserving of, the #MoyesOut shouts have reverberated to an all time high. The most significant point to pull from yesterday’s bitterly disappointing defeat, was not the breaking of yet another unwanted record, but the unwavering turning of the tide in relation to the aforementioned groups that characterise the vast majority of United fans. Yesterday signaled for the first time that Moyes was beginning to lose support from a number of our more sensible/respected/influential fans.

However, after just six months in to a six year contract one cannot justify calling for the sacking of a manger clearly installed to make his own mark in what can only be described as a long term project. Much has been said about Sir Alex’s final speech in which he hit home that we must “stand by our new manager”, but what is becoming increasingly obvious is that he was acutely aware of the bumpy terrain that was on the away – admittedly one must question if he foreseen it to be as bad as it actually is. The unprecedented six year contract, also suggests that the board too were aware of the need to give Moyes sufficient time and support, whether this turns out to be right or wrong long term, nobody knows but after just six months in charge, very little strengthening of the side and an injury list that seems to rejuvenate at a rate of Fellaini hair growth one cannot comprehend the calls for his head. No way, it’s way too early!


The Unprecedentedness of the Current Situation 

The extraordinary circumstances of the current situation at Old Trafford ensures that comparisons to other clubs and managers are an ultimately unjustifiable argument. At no club in modern football has one manager held such a lengthy reign, and at no club has one manager had such a remarkable level of success. These two particular aspects ensure that the Moyes situation is unprecedented. The fact that Moyes has taken over current champions is in itself rather extraordinary and doesn’t happen too often in the modern era. Being champions in my opinion is in fact counter-productive in the case of Moyes as it demands instant success, however with such change instant success is relatively speaking much harder to attain. Also attributed to this is the well known fact that it is in essence harder to win back to back titles. Contrary to popular belief the fact that Moyes took over while at the top only indicates that he is under increased pressure and scrutiny and thus will be awarded less time to settle in. Therein lies a complete paradox, as given the length of his predecessors reign with the Ferguson way institutionalised in every aspect of the club it will undoubtedly take longer for Moyes to settle in. Also a team of champions no doubt but a team of champions considerably aided by the inept management of a vein Italian more interested in his choice of scarf and the burgeoning turmoil consistent at a club who goes through managers like used Kleenex.


While Mourinho gained instant success with Inter as champions, that too is an incomparable situation given the serve lack of competitiveness afforded to Seire A at the time due to the betting scandals. Also, I think the majority are of the belief that Mourinho is one of a select few that could gain instant success even at United, but long term would possibly have more sever repercussions. Guardiola too looks as though he will gain instant success at current champions but once again I don’t think his coaching credentials are in question. It’s also a lot easier when you can severely strengthen your team while simultaneously weaken your main title rivals e.g Gotze and the incoming Lewandoski. Pep’s acid test will be his ability to make history and retain the Champions League.


Ferguson’s Legacy

The pressure of replacing Ferguson in itself, is perhaps the single most  burden laid job in the history of not just sport, but even business. Whilst I condemn the fact that football is simultaneously mentioned in the same sphere as business, the fact of the matter is, there is no getting away from the complementary nature of both. Modern football is a business, just ask the Glaziers.


Using this business analogy, to put Moyes’ job into context, I believe the only true comparison can be with that of Tim Cook replacing the late Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple. How can you take over from the legend, the genius and the father of not just the institution, but the brand. Quite simply Ferguson was the modern Manchester United. Using Busby’s blueprint in relation to youth development, Ferguson’s unrelenting will to win brought about a period of domination that will never be matched.  Sir Alex was known for his intricate level of management. So strong was his fascination with results he was involved in the day to day operations of not just team matters, but every level of the club, you name it Ferguson’s stamp was on it. Taking all of this into account, it is impossible to fathom how Moyes can begin to establish his own beliefs, ideas and philosophy in an environment that in essence, only knows one way. Never mind how he could make such movements in just six months.


The Curious Case of Moyes’ Tactics

Tactics have definitely become the most used stick to beat Moyes with, and to be fair thus far this has been an acceptable form of lamentation. I can’t argue with stone cold stats that suggest we have failed with the most crosses in the league this season while I embarrassingly scorn at the fact that we also sit 20th for the team who most often attack through the middle. What I can argue is that while these stats are glaringly negative and they aren’t too dissimilar to Ferguson’s in the sense that the idea/philosophy weren’t fundamentally different but execution has been flawed.


These are damning stats that don’t make for positive reading but in truth they don’t tell the whole story. Ferguson too was an avid fan of wide players, and much of United’s focus was on width especially in the later years. Evidence of this can be seen from the fact that Nani 2011 and Valenica 2012 were awarded players player and player of the year awards respectively. As such it wouldn’t be ridiculously wide off the mark in saying that out of form players and injuries are too indicative of the poor execution of tactics. The attacking through the centre stat is another one that is being branded about now but I’d question where we sat last year on this. In fact was this even a stat last year? With Carrick and Cleverly amassing only seven assists between them last season one must question if we didn’t fair to much better in this regard.

People who are all of a sudden insinuating that Moyes was negative at Everton are giving in to preconceived hypocrisy, as prior to his appointment I was never aware this was the case. Whilst hard to beat against the top teams no doubt, I would never have classified Everton as an all out negative outfit.  I do recall them scoring four at Old Trafford to ultimately bring our title challenge to an acrimonious end in 2012. Another misconception is Moyes’ actual choice of wide-player. While there is no doubting his propensity to favour expansive wide play and crossing, it is fair to suggest that width at Everton was usually provided by fullback’s ala Baines and Coleman, while he didn’t particularly use conventional wide players instead opting for inside midfielders such as Osman and Pienarr. At United thus far Evra has been a shadow of his former self and Rafael has been either injured or out of form. I have no doubt we will see at least one if not two fullback’s purchased in the summer and I am of the opinion fullbacks are key to Moyes’ philosophy.


Like any kind of mass movement people are now becoming blinded by preconceived notions. For instance social media went into meltdown when it was suggested Mata was wide right of a 442 on Saturday however, anyone who actually watched the game could see that he was given free reign and as his position heat map suggested he actually spent most of his time central.  We can only really judge Moyes’ tactics when he has been afforded the luxury of bringing in players that will cater to his structure and style of play.

What is evident however is an apparent lack of plan B, this is rather worrying, but in hindsight I’d rather we didn’t get into the position whereby plan B is a necessity. While injuries aren’t a viable excuse for form or position there is no doubt they have played a major part thus far in Moyes’ maiden season. Say what you will about Fellaini but he has only made four premier league apps, and with Carrick, Rafael, and Van Persie out for extended periods you could argue that are three best performing players last year have been missing for the majority of the campaign.


Sack Moyes then who?

If we sack Moyes who do we bring in? Conte, Simeone, Klopp – all have major question marks – see Ramos, AVB. What if whoever we bring in has similar results after the same period of time, will we sack them? Will we then question if we made the wrong choice in getting rid of Moyes in the first place?…….what could have been. Will we start a precedent? Will managers be recycled on a consistent basis? Will we fall into the trap of a soulless club based on instant success whereby long-term objectives are sacrificed for short term gains ultimately leading to a “sell my soul to the devil” situation? I sincerely hope not, instead we must stand by our manager, support in every way possible believe in the fact that this is a project that will take time. Put it into context, people will claim we are digressing but could this be a simple case of moving back to move forward. Six months of a six year contract is way too soon to be writing him off.

The doom and glum is most certainly upon us, but I can honestly admit that having only been used to a successful United team given my relatively tender years, my love and passion has grown stronger in the midst of such adversity. Having only ever witnessed Sir Alex in the dugout, admittedly I have been spoilt. Given the success we have become accustomed to over the years I think it is our genuine calling as fans that we give Moyes sufficient time to make his mark. If one can celebrate every win and success in unionism than the least we can do is accept that it may take a short period of no success to reach a sustained level of success once again.

If one thing is to come out of the Ferguson era, it’s that time is the key to improvement, whether that be standing by an annoyingly cocky Portuguese show-pony who at 18 looked like a circus act, or believing in a manger who is perhaps one loss away from getting the sack (sound familiar).

I’m not talking about six years but it must be for more than six months!

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Great post, couldn’t have put it better myself. I feel Moyes is the right man, he deserves time to put his stamp on the team And fix the many problems that have been apparent to most fans for a number of years

What a dumb article. Yeh give him time and c how much united will regret theyre stupid decision to appoint the useless prick

No one expected moyes to take over and win everything straight away but it shouldnt be excepted that win can sink as quick as a lead balloon either there has been no good come from moyes . Ok maybe mata thats it

Fuck off with the dinosuar manager. I’ve wasted five minutes of my life reading that shite. Stop being a Fergie poodle and use your fucking eyes.

You’ll see how good Moyes is when he never gets another job, when he is fire — hopefully very soon. Could even Tony Pulis or Owen Coyle have done a worse job ? I don’t think so.

I’ve actually had the same thought.Moyes is so poor in his decision making its too obvious.He hasn’t done well enough.Maybe he needs time,but i don’t think any “real” united fan would complain if we dn’t qualify for UCL and he is sacked.

Great article. I used to laugh at how fickle the Arsenal/Chelsea fans are but now United fans are falling into that category. I love that the plastic fans are being weeded out. When United start winning again, and they will, all the plastics will be backing Moyes saying they always believed. If you don’t like it when times are hard why not fuck off and support City or Chelsea. I completely understand now why everyone hates United fans.

Great post! Im already taking names of people 😉

We have tradition unlike Chelski and Citeh. Moyes will come good, just give him time. He deserves it.

A very well written article indeed. It is our duty as,fans,to stand by the,club through thick and thin. If you cant do that you can very well fuck off becoz you don’t fucking matter. Go support Chelsea or manshitty united are meant for classier stuff than the shite who cant stand by their own manager…..everyone one of US will stand by David Moyes….

Dear classy… The man has had the champions plus 60m pound worth of reinforcements . It’s fuck all to do with being plastic….. Let’s just say many have been sacked for achieving more!!!!

Interesting article but what has he done in the 6 months he has been here. He has been on record saying that he will buy players but when will he. Summer window was a disaster and a laughing stock and just buying Mata shows that he doesn’t have a clue. At the moment our midfield is extremely poor, devoid of ideas and easily overrun. So what does he do – nothing. A stop gap that gets us into 4th spot will be well worth it but no – he has a plan based on Summer transfers. When we don’t get CL football next year and the clubs above us strengthen as they have done so far I can see we will be picking up scraps.
What we needed was a proven winning manager when SAF retired instead of Moyes. I hope this does not reflect on SAF in the future.

Moyes is 50 years old if he hasn’t got it now he’s never gonna have it. Fix it now and move forward. He is massively underachieving..

If the only negative comment is a thoughtless, illiterate expletives, then Moyes should have little to worry about. The article is spot on. We are Man United, not City or Liverpool or Chelsea. We do not panic. If we did,when Fergie was appointed, we would not be having this conversation now. So stop the bleating and grow up

Bang on mate. This is Manchester United, we do things with class, not like Citeh or Chelski who change managers every other season, or even more. We do things the right way. Moyes is the right man for the job and will come good in time. We will end up with a better squad than we have had for years, because he knows it needs a rehaul but that takes time. Mata is real class and a great signing, Jose will regret selling him. I’m not sure about Fellaini yet but he’s not had enough game time. 3-4 good signings in the summer and next season will be a different ball game.

In order for you to analyze Moyes, you need to go back at his career so far.
1.What has he won?……Nothing…and never will…
2.His stature at Everton was of a good manager, who had worked miracles with no money……The new Everton manager debunks this nonsense.
3.Players love him….Then Baines,Coleman,Arteta and Barkley would have burst a gut to be with him…..They have n’t and have no intention of….What do they know?
4.His training methods are the laughing stock of Europe and South America….FACT
5.He has constantly played Wellbeck,Zaha,Kagawa out of position
6.His tactics are one dimensional.
7.He over-trained and played Rio,Vida ,Giggs,and RVP.
8.We have more injured than at anytime in the past.He sacked the previous trainers and brought in 1970’s methods.
8.He undermined Evra by trying to sign 3 left backs behind his back.
9.Do not listen to what he says, watch what he does.
10.His decision making,body language are of a man who clearly has no confidence.He knows in his heart that the task is beyond him.
11.This is why we get nonsense about luck,refs,we played well.
12.We will not have any last minute goals ever again whilst he is there.
13.Now ask yourself this,If we signed Mangala,Kroos,Reus,Ronaldo and Coentrao and Moyes managed the team.How long would it take them to realize that this man is an idiot.Well they won’t be signing as they already know.But it does not matter as Moyes will end up mid-table, as that is what his mindset will always take him to.
We are now back to a Pre-Cantona United and all of SAF’s work is being thrown down the toilet.
14.Coming soon Fulham.Arsenal.Palace, Everton,Liverpool, City, Hull.
And if you think the same after those results you need your head examined…….Please no more cliche’s about he needs time….The more time he gets the deeper the damage he will do……I have not mentioned Fellaini……and why those clowns Nani and Young are still there….WATCH HOW THE CONFIDENCE WILL DRAIN FROM ROONEY ,MATA RVP etc., etc……..THIS IS A GRAVE SITUATION …I LIVED THROUGH FRANK O’FARRELL……IT IS HORRIBLE….by the way…SAF HAD WON THINGS BEFORE HE CAME …..THE ONLY THING THIS CLOWN COULD WIN WOULD BE A GAME OF DYSLEXIC SCRABBLE

i have been man u fan for nearly 50 years. never seen united play so badly, even when theyplayed in the old 2nd div. even frank o farrel was not as bad as moyes. a manager who says any man u team is not good enough must be sacked.

I love some of the comments especially wasting 5 mins reading. .

We used to call fergie taggart. .how about Bart Simpson for moyes..?

Seriously. .I think he fucked us up when he got rid of our backroom staff. U would never do that in a top firm so why replace tried and tested with a couple of nobodies?

Im no plastic fan but I did not mind moyes appointment u til I found out he was getting rid of phelan and rene..writing was on the wall as soon as that happened. .I will say that utd fans have a short memory and im baffled that you all ignore this point. .

Moyes out! I wanted solkjaer personally

Crap article and some idiotic (supposedly patriotic) none sense in the comments. Been red since old enough to know football. Supported th through thick and thin in 70,s as a school kid so no plastic in on or around me. As one comment put it, open your eyes. Tactics, deployment of players and substitutions all wrong. Leadership and inspiration are nil. Taken us south quicker than brides knickers. Has only ever won the 2nd division. SIGNED FELLAINI as a united player. Sacked backroom staff. Who else should it have been; Pep, Jose yes. Would they turn it down I’m summer? If not how about Klop. At the very outside, red nap! But we must get rid of Moyes. NOW before it’s too late.

And he has no back bone..jumping on the cleverly bandwagon. .the worst player since that other overated twat savage
I mean wby play him against stoke..should ha e played Fletcher. .anyone see cleverly s pass heatmap.. 90 percent side ways or back.. like butch Wilkins we should call him the crab!

Dear Rob,

No need for the patronising snidely remark. Everyone is entitled to their opinion this is mine. If you read the piece you will see that I actually state that one of the beauties of football is its subjective nature. You don’t have to agree this is fine. And at no stage did I question “your support of the club” If you read the first line too I state I don’t know if Moyes will be successful, all I do know is he needs to be given a bit more time. Conversely what if we win our next 6 games will you change your tune?

Yours sincerely,


SMEAGOL OUT !!! If you have ever watched “Lord of the Rings”, Moyes’s resemblance to that creature that keeps looking for its elusive little Ring is truly uncanny.

United does not have a good team this year!!!! Ferguson would have them in fourth or fifth If he was managing them this season. They have 3, maybe 4 world class players on their team. We better have a massive summer, and if we don’t, then ill start doubting moyes. But for now I’m sticking with him.

A long-winded and arrogant article.

Not withstanding all the background and contextual stuff, nothing in Moyes past managerial efforts showed that he deserved the job, and nothing in his current showing at United shows that he is up to the job.

Mourinho knows how to pick a particular team and set up appropriate tactics to take on any other individual team. He has plans A, B, C and D etc. Moyes can’t even get his own plan A right and there is no B,C or D.

The same fickle fans calling for moyes head now wer laughing at the fickle arsenal fans calling for wenger to leave this time last year. Grow up and support our team

The damning thing for me about Moyes is his clear inability to get the best out of the United players, regardless of the line-up.

That is not the sign of a top manager or even a top manager-in-waiting.

The idea of giving Moyes the job in the first place is wrong. As much as I will like to see him succeed I am afraid it’s far fetched at the minute. I am disappointed that he couldn’t a least try and sign a CM in the January transfer. It was a big opportunity missed. I do believe though the club will stick by hIm.

Moyes gne sink united further its not about players its about him being retarted he doesnot have a clue what 2 do ,tactically disabled!!!!

Good article i think a lot of the blame is with senior players letting the team down or just not being good enough anymore. I think some of our so called fans need to grow up another few wins and theyl be all go quiet for a while at least

Of course there needs to be rebuilding at United but the current squad should be capable of a serious bid for the top four places.

As it is, any team in the division fancies their chances and Stoke, Swansea, WBA, Sunderland etc have been successful. United have fallen too far, too quickly under Moyes, without any change in personnel. That’s hard to fathom, it’s not just about a transitional period.

It’s not about giving Moyes time, it’s about whether he is up to the job.

I would like the supporters of Moyes to list all his attributes, obvious ones and hidden ones which he has brought to the job.

I am desperate to be enlightened.

Moyes should never have been appointed fact! I never wanted to be more wrong about anything, but the moment I heard he was replacing the legend that is SAF I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, knowing this spelt disaster for my beloved reds! If SAF had spent 60+million after winning the league do you really think we would be sitting in an embarrassing 7! The answer is an obvious and resounding no! It’s nothing to do with being plastic wanting Moyes out, it’s about damage limitation and for the in Moyes we trust boys when we finish mid table, our disillusioned players want to leave and the best players on Europe and still saying David who, who do you think he will sign to come and have a go with a team no longer in the CL? So who replaces him, in my opinion it should have be Jose, but that ship has sailed. Now would it be so bad having Solkjaer he may lack experience, but he is a great tactician, loves UTD, he would have us playing exciting football again, he would give the club a lift which is so desperately needs and finally ask yourself would he do any worse than Moyes? I think not!

Great article. Moyes, three times winner of the PL manager of the year award, are not a fool. Of course he knew that replacing Sir Alex Would be a massive challenge for him. The fact that he accepted the job tells me he have plenty of guts and confidence. The fact is, i support Man U, the club, not our manager. If the club think Moyes is the chosen one, i will stand by him. Even in bad times. Im old enough to remember the seventies and the eighties. Good times, good players but poor results.

Moyes will come good but he and the club needs our support.

It’s a very poor show if we can’t get at least fourth place with the team that won the championship last season. I think we would have all agreed with that back in June. And how many people expected United to be seventh place in February?

I see no problem with changing the manager as often as necessary. It’s not done Chelsea any harm. Madrid and Bayern go through managers pretty quickly too. Again, I see no problems with this. I expect when we find the right guy we will stick with him and he will stick with us. But what you can’t do is pick someone who isn’t up to it and stick with him hoping for a miracle.

What world class players are going to join utd with a joke of a manager? & no chance of winning anything or even playing champions league. If this is what we want for our mighty club, then god help us!!

I really have enjoyed the whirlwind of comment(rants),i would like to say two things;
1.This team wouldn’t have struggled this much under Fergie this season.
2.ManUtd’s problem this season is not overly because of the quality of the squad.
This is a great article though,most of us just want 2 get to May and see what happens then 🙂

I really have enjoyed the whirlwind of comment(rants),i would like to say two things;
1.This team wouldn’t have struggled this much under Fergie this season.
2.ManUtd’s problem this season is not overly because of the quality of the squad.
This is a great article though,most of us just want 2 get to May and see what happens then.

Bollox jin amd all u moyes lovers..

Bacl in the day I was not one of tje people who wanted fergie out..he was actually taking on a rotting team anda bad culture. . He built the club from scratch. .from. youth to first team..moyes on the other hand has taken a championship winning team to mid table in 6 months. The fact he can get the team going says it all. Remember rios comments. .remember he sacked the backroom

Bart Simpson out!

If Arsene Wenger can create a Championship-winning team and then go ten years without winning a trophy, I’m sure David Moyes could inherit such a team and do the same.

Dear rob,
ut isn’t as if i do t see the various errors made by David moyes. Not playing wilf depending too much on crosses etc etc but what we need to understand is that Manchester United is a 3 billion dollar industry dm has not been selected n becoz of the whim of just one man you don’t run a company like that. The glazers are smart enough to understand that .
What i say is give the man the time he deserves fori say this is not the end this might just be the beginning. 🙂
There was no need for the sarcastic comments.

The Glazers are not smart when it comes to football. They leave all that stuff to Ferguson. So it isn’t a surprise that they went with Ferguson’s recommendation for his successor.

Wow. It’s amazing how one long article can provoke such hostility.

I think overall it has provided some sensible arguments, but I’m on the fence with it all. Everton’s success under Martinez won’t help the pressure on Moyes. Like it or not, you can’t compare this to Fergie nearly being fired. People say he left an aging squad, a poor squad, etc. but it still won the league last year.

The fact is Moyes isn’t Ferguson and never will be. Give him until next January and reassess.

By the way, do you proof read your articles? Parts of it are barely readable. Is English your first language? Either way, another set of eyes on your words would have made some parts make a lot more sense.

I can understand the fans putting the boot in with Moyes.The facts are Fergie sounded the same as Moyes when he lost:Ithought we kept the ball well but just did,nt finish well.Moyes, latest is.I dont know what to do to improve the team,well Fergie never said that and he allways had a knack of saving a game with a goal or two and a needed substitution.Whatever conclusion there is something is very sadly lacking with the sad old tactics.They could,nt penetrate
Stoke cause as Moyes says,he is clueless.Clubs like Sunderland are on the way up and WHO have they got playing for them.Lots of clubs would love to have a Roon,VP,Mata,Vidic ect,but they are way too expensive.Really there are no excuses,so lets wait and see if Moyes makes it.

The big thing for me is Moyes post match comments. Saying things like ‘i don’t know how we didn’t win’ ‘we played great’ He sounds deluded. If he thinks we’re playing well when we’re not, how can we fix what’s actually wrong?

The other thing is the Glazers. if Untied continue to slip then so will it’s share price/value. They will only let that happen so much before they act, i.e moyes out

They have gone down,thing is and I AINT RACIST,think it wont teally be United if the glazers sell it and goes completly non Mancunian,like ManC.

“What followed was a level of opinion – segregation that has split United fans into two autonomous groups. Those of whom will back Moyes and give him time, and by time I mean sufficient time and those of whom, despite what they say, will not back Moyes as they were simply not happy with his appointment in the first place. Don’t get me wrong I am not here to judge what category you fall in to and nor do I have a problem with anyone airing their opinion”

So, some people falsely claim to be judging Moyes on his results, rather than engaging in confirmation bias because they secretly never wanted him as manager? But you’re not judging them, right?

Glazers don’t give a stuff if we are successful on the pitch providing we make the top 4. This is sufficient for woodenEd to sell the marketing rights around the globe. Believe me, there are enough fans globally to make anything with united’s name on it sell. In Africa Chevrolet will gain huge sales as the average purchaser will be swayed from Toyota to Chevrolet just because of utd association.
‘Fickle fans’ I take offence at that. Born in ordsall and raised there, red all my life and seen lots of managers come/go. The reason SAF got enough time was you could see the philosophy and changes being made were for the positive. Can you see a footballing philosophy or even knowledge of where players strengths are, does he lift the team with changes, is this entertaining???? He creates lots of questions when he is there to give answers and RESULTS. Moyes is quickly tearing apart our club. Wake up and stop the benign, let’s support him because fergie said so shite. Fergie made mistakes with signings and this is his most major fuck up to date.
Moyes out!!

David Moyes has not shown us the way he wants the team to play…performances are a disgrace this season especially at Old Trafford. Ferguson could get the best out of average players…Moyes cannot even get the best out of quality players! Sad to see us playing shite football. What we are witnessing is not the Manchester united or Sir Matt Busby way. We need a winner and should not be fighting for fourth place! Juan Mata is a top quality player but we already have enough players to play the number 10 role…we all know that central midfield needs strengthening!

mmmmmmm very much different opinions here, what we all want is the good for our team so whatever the decision we need to make sure it is the good one and in the time being all we can just do is perhaps pray!

Says: “The extraordinary circumstances of the current situation at Old Trafford ensures that comparisons to other clubs and managers are an ultimately unjustifiable argument”
But then ends with (after mocking Mourinho for how he looked like when he was 18)…” or believing in a manger who is perhaps one loss away from getting the sack (sound familiar).”
How about this. SAF at the time, was similar to what Mourinho was when he left Porto! Man Utd at the time were not EPL champion, they had not been for decades, they genuinely needed a complete overhaul of the entire infrastructure. SAF built Rome and that took years before the results became apparent! Moyes has been tasked with, well no one really knows what his objective is, but he has made it noticeably worst since his arrival and there is no excuse.

The football landscape has drastically changed since then! Will Mourinho build an empire at Chelsea? I doubt very much he will. Quick fix, 4-5 years success, big argument leave in tears, no youth brought through, team full of money hungry mercenaries – no thanks!

By the way the away I wasn’t referring to how Mourinho looked when he was 18. When did we stick by Mourinho??? Think again. How that one went over your head is beyond me.

After reading through the entire article there is not one argument you could make as to why he needs to be still in charge other than the old ‘Give him time and things will get better’. That to me sounds like hope rather than being backed by solid evidence. You say its been only 6 months and he needs to be given time to bring his own players. His summer targets included the likes of Fellaini and Baines. Now that to me is a clear indication of the types of players he wants to sign. We signed one of them for 27.5 Million, a player who is never good enough for a club like United. Why should we be trusting a man with money when his transfer targets include the likes of Fellaini?

What if you give him more time and he ends up doing a Daglish and signs players like Carroll and Downing at inflated prices? Would you be still insisting that he should stay? Also its funny you say we are not like other clubs. There are certain things that you need to learn from other clubs instead of mocking them. The best organizations in the world learn and try to implement the best practices from other organizations as well. Your article seems to suggest that its ok if we finish 6th or 7th, we still won’t sack him because we are Manchester United. That’s just being paranoid and sounds like an argument to gain ‘Top Red’ points.

In the entire article you could only come up with one argument. ‘Give him time’. That simply is an indication on how bad its been and suggests that its more a ‘Hope’ that things would get better rather than ‘Expectation’.

We aren’t like other clubs in question, we aren’t bank rolled by Sugar Daddy Money like City and Chelsea, nor do we hold complete monopoly status like Bayern, in lets be honest what is a rather un-competitive league. We can’t compete in terms of money so the situation is different.

Re Fellaini, while not worth 27m, he was undoubtedly Everton’s best player last year and I would warn against writing him off so soon having only made 4 league appearances thus far.

Of course it’s not okay if we finish 6th or 7th, but we haven’t yet have we? Hence the calling for a bit of time. Let me refer you to the last line of the piece – “I’m not talking about six years but it must be for more than six months!”

Whether Moyes can deal with the pressure of managing at a top club remains to be seen, I don’t doubt that, but all I am saying is he needs to be given sufficient time to at least be given a chance to prove himself.

Also, I must laugh at your “Top Red” jibe. Whether you want him in or out right now does not make you anymore or less of a top red if you think that’s the point behind this piece you are deluded, it’s not a competition.

Finally, you are correct it is mainly in hope that I feel he can turn it around, but if we don’t have hope we don’t have anything.

Hey Claran…

–>Agreed we aren’t bank rolled by Sugar Daddy money, but we still are a huge organization….My whole point of mentioning the other clubs is only that we should take the ‘Best practices’ from them and learn and implement them….I do agree with you that we can’t compete with them in terms of money but we certainly can in terms of how we run the club on a day to day basis…

–>Regarding Fellaini, agreed he made only 4 appearances so far, but did you really see him as a right fit at United?…Agreed he’s very young and can still turn out to be decent, but in my opinion he was someone who probably wasn’t the right fit for us to begin with for the style of play we have…I would be glad if I am proven wrong.

–>Well I can’t argue with that but to me there has to be some indication that yes we are heading into the direction. So its a little hard for me to be optimistic when I don’t see any direction…Do we have a particular playing style that we are deploying consistently? When Valencia plays on the right wing time and time again and fails repeatedly and we don’t see a change its not easy to be optimistic…Surely you notice that….No?…If we finish outside of the top 4 then the rebuilding process would be much tougher…Would we be able to attract the right players if we finish outside the top 4?…I will let you answer that question….

–>Let me ask you another question. At the end of the season if we finish outside the top 4 should we be reassessing then?

–>The ‘Top Red’ jibe was probably misdirected at you…I have seen a fair few comments on this article which seem to be suggesting that just because someone does not trust Moyes he’s a plastic…I appreciate you stating that its not a competition.

–>I too hope and pray that we finish in the top 4 but sadly I am little less optimistic…I would be doing cartwheels if we finish in the top 4. No doubt about it.

I remember Fellaini coming to the middle of the scuffle when Adnan was fouled.

So, I’m hoping he is going to be an enforcer. We badly need an enforcer just like Roy Keane. All teams just don’t fear ManU anymore. We are being bullied by all the teams. We need 1 or 2 enforcers. It doesn’t matter yet if we lose, we just need to strike fear to the opposing team.

Keane is going to tackle you and your playing days are over.
Scholes is going to tackle and you will be out injured.
Cantona is going to karate kick… hahahaha

.Get a really attack thinking manager and get the best all round talent cheap as possible. Boys that can dribble,tackle,defend and not to mention,shit hot and very hungry to do what it,s all about and that is scoring goals.Then sack all the overpriced poncy wankers THAT SELL CRAPPY DESIGNED SHIRTS.

All this crap about us being “class” and being on a different moral high ground to other clubs needs to be put to bed. The same “class” that saw us remove the words “Football Club” from our name and allowed a bunch of inbred parasitic cunts take over our beloved club and bleed it dry to line their own pockets. The same “class” that has seen us try floating the brand “Manchester United” on the singapore stock exchange and is listed as a PLC on the NYSE.
We could learn a lot from bayern munich and their ownership structure in which fans are shareholders/owners and democratic decision making processes are followed. Was david moyes’s appointment a democratic and fair apointment? I respect Sir Alex’s achievements, but the man, like most of us, has many flaws and has made (and will continue to make) mistakes like all human beings.
Its absolutely absurd to not look at things objectively just because Sir Alex chose the man and tells us to ‘stand by the manager’.
Sir Alex said many times that “No-one is bigger than the club”. I would like to think that this applies to him as well.
I have been watching my beloved Manchester United for 20 years and have never seen such a souless, passionless, poorly trained and prepared Manchester United team.
To the author of this article – last year we were 8th for attacks through the middle and we had one of the highest successfull crossing rates. Yes Sir Alex also played through the wings, but it worked more often than not and we crossed with a purpose.
It can’t be that seasoned pros and proven winners can all be simultaneously grossly underpeforming and visibly looking drained of morale.
Januzaj would be on loan were it not for the contract issue (pogba fears/fan backlash) and moyes does not play to his strengths (makes him hug the the sideline and try “hit the byline” and whip in a cross to our 1 (sometime 2)

Continuing from where I left off. Januzaj crossing to our forwards, none of which are re known for being great headers of the ball. Im no manager but it is clear januzaj’s talents are best utilized when he is surrounded by intelligent technical players making intelligent runs and playing in a fluid system. Moyes is not the man to get the best out of this supremely talented kid and the talented technical (better) players in our team (RVP, Kags, mata, carrick to an extent).
If he cant get these guys to play at decent level, what makes anyone think he can get the best out of fantasy players like reus, gundogan,kroos, cavani?
I wouldn’t trust this guy with a cent ofy cash if I were the owners,

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