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Five Reasons why Manchester United don’t need to buy in January

Five Reasons why Manchester United don’t need to buy in the January Transfer window.

1. Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney:

We haven’t been very creative in the final third in the past few games, it’s fair to say but things are looking up. Carrick has returned from his spell on the side line and Rooney and RVP shouldn’t be too far behind him. Rooney has been the difference in many games this season so with his return I expect to see an extra step in United’s stride. Combined with last season’s top scorer yet to return, are things that bad?


2. David Moyes & Manchester United:

Both have the knack of finishing the season strong. Moyes never had the best start to a season with Everton but he always finished with a surge for the top four with a club who never had the financial capabilities of the bigger teams. With this in mind and United’s past form in the business end of the season I expect to see our form dramatically improve. After all, we’re only five points behind Liverpool who I don’t think have the testicular fortitude to maintain the form they showed in the first half of the season. I also think both Arsenal and City will drop points too, we’re playing catch up but there is a lot to play for.


3. The January Sales:

They’re never the best time to buy anyway. Yes, we need to invest and Moyes knows this but given that most quality players will be cup tied for the Champions League and are often overpriced,  do we need to panic? I think not. Probably our best January buys have been Vidic and Evra who never immediately impressed so by that logic, any player we buy now might not make the impact fans will demand.

4. Position:

Ok, so we’ve lost three games in a row. Let’s not panic, we’re Manchester United we never die. Let us take a step back and analyse where we are at. We haven’t lost complete touch of the league, although winning it may be out of the question. We’ve got a second leg, at home, to play, in the semi-final of the league cup and we’re in the next round of the Champions League. Would teams like Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton prefer to be in our position? Almost definitely.

hull city vs manchester united

5. The Team:

Moyes still hasn’t found his best eleven. We’ve rarely had the chance to play a consistent back four and we’ve had injuries to our key players but yet we’re not out of sight. Our defence was solid last year and once all fit, and not banned, I’m sure we’ll find that level of consistency again. Teams won’t get as many chances as they have been and with the quality we have up top we’ll soon be putting teams to bed. Moyes seems to be getting the best out of Welbeck and bringing in Januzaj into the first team has been a touch of genius – he’s been a real spark for us and will continue to improve as the season goes on. Once Moyes does find his best eleven we’ll go from strength – after all this is the same squad who won the league by eleven points last season.

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12 replies on “Five Reasons why Manchester United don’t need to buy in January”

sounds like you are a Liverpool fan in disguise. The aged players, vidic and rio don’t have the legs. the midfield lacks steel and creativity. Clerverly cant win games single-handedly, Carrick is one dimensional and lacks pace. Rooney, Janujaz and Persie will be physically targetted by opposing players, and will suffer injuries. Jones though outstanding, is injury prone, so is Smalling. Raphael. Anderson, Nani, Kagawa may not or should not play anymore for united. The only consistently outstanding player for me is De Gea. WIth so many players out, how does one expect Utd to finish the season well? Moyes is not the right man for utd. His big problem is his image and by embracing the press it allows the press to wage a psychological war on the players through bad reports and not protecting the players. If this continues, Utd will be in the Championship division this season or next.,

Your analysis is ok but the problem facing the team is far away from this. We can bet for I’m sure we’ll lose come tomorrow. All unbeaten records are to be broken by Moyes so after tomorrow’s match, we’ll be talking of “4 loses in a row for the 1st time since…..”.

Have you realized of Moyes’ body language even when we are winning?. Someone who is totally not in control of his actions/himself!!!!.


You forgot the most important reason of all: can’t trust Moyes to spend 100 million pounds, can we. What, he may end up buying 3 more Fellainis.

we must buy atleast two player especially the midfilders we lost creativity in this area even through we won we are poor with less creativity in this area, now days there are no penetration pass lack on volleys pass one two even sunderland midfilder played well than us……. i think if we go for herrera reus and gundagon this three is attainable with given money and their world class finally they will boost our time.

Have you forgotten that Fergie was annoying everyone by constantly rotatating.Moyes has tried everything and either he does,nt get the best out of them,or they are a mottley crew that needs a good sortout.What is he gonna do bring Phil Neville on soon or maybe even revive Gary. Of course they need an injection of new blood or anything.Very true points wise United are not doing too bad and things have been going against them in a few games that last season saw them scrape by with a small margin.It,s optimistic to say that United dont need to buy but the truth is even with Roon and VP they need to be firing more bullets at goal..

I think that Moyes just dont know when to make asub or which player to pull off and which one to bring on when we are in difficulty.

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