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Real Sociedad vs Manchester United - United's Starting XI?

David Moyes will be very pleased after the weekends result against Fulham, the first half was a exactly the type of performance Moyes has been looking for since he took over at Old Trafford. The drop off in performance in the second half came when Rafael, Jones and Cleverley were all pulled from the game due to injury. Moyes will be hoping that all will quickly be available to make returns to the team avoid any loss of momentum that the Red Devils have built up.

Tuesday night will see United travel to an away day against Sociedad in the Champions League. Moyes’ men have been very strong in Europe so far and will be looking at this game as the perfect opportunity to get the magic number of 10 points that is often sighted as the required points to make it out of the group stages.

de-gea-glovesIn goal David De Gea should retain his starting place after continuing to prove himself as one of the best keepers in the league if not the world in this season. The back four will be massively dependant on the injury situation, reports are that Jonny Evans was subbed off with a back injury at half time against Fulham. Rafael went over on his ankle which forced him to be removed at the half, Patrice Evra has also reportedly had a knock but wasn’t enough to stop him finishing the game. I would hazard a guess that Evra should be good to play on Tuesday night and should take up his normal position on the left of the back four. Vidic came through the weekends game unscathed and should retain his starting position also. With the options available to Moyes on Tuesday I can see him electing to give Smalling the opportunity to play in the centre with Vidic. Moyes could give Ferdinand his first start since the Capital One cup but I would think this unlikely with it being an away match and Ferdinand’s form being poor.

The right back position is one that could be filled by a number of players, Fabio, Valencia, Jones. Valencia played well at the weekend and could be an option at right back but my money is on Jones. Moyes has seemed averse to leaving Jones out of his teams and I for one agree with that policy, he’s a workhorse with a great deal of ability to boot so I would expect to see him take start on Tuesday night.

The midfield is a a very interesting and important part of the United team, creativity has been lacking so far this season and with momentum finally gathering it is important that whoever plays on Tuesday night are able to michael-carrick-pointingpush the United team forward and help the front two unlock the Sociedad defence. Michael Carrick should start this important game in the centre of the field, alongside him could be Fellaini, Kagawa, Giggs or Cleverley. Fellaini played well when he came on against Fulham on Saturday but I think if all fears about Cleverley’s double vision from the Fulham game are allayed then it should be Tom that starts alongside Carrick. The right and left wings are positions that Januzaj could start in, the decision about where to start him is dependent on who Moyes goes with on the other flank. Valencia put in a strong performance and capped it off with a goal against Fulham but my guess is that Moyes will give Kagawa the start. Moyes has been pretty confident about playing Shinji in Europe so far this year and he hasn’t disappointed, because of that I think he will continue down this route and give Kagawa a start on the left of the midfield with Januzaj making his first start in the Champions League.

Up front there should be no change, Robin Van Persie has been growing into the season and his partnership with Wayne Rooney has been improving with the form of of the team as a whole. Rooney has been the best player in the squad in my opinion and if he can continue his form through the rest of the season then there will be no doubting United’s credentials of title contenders.

Predicted Manchester United XI against Real Sociedad:

De Gea;

Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Evra;

Januzaj, Carrick, Cleverley, Kagawa;

Rooney, Van Persie.

Tuesday nights game could round off the tough start to the season for Moyes and be hugely important in continuing United’s momentum going into a tough game against the league leaders Arsenal next weekend.

What would be your starting XI against Real Sociedad? Comment in the section below.

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33 replies on “Real Sociedad vs Manchester United - United's Starting XI?”

I wish moyes 2 start with the following as the squod de gea,fabio,smaling,vidic,evra,carrick,kagawa,clevaly,van persie,roony en januzaj en sub lindergud,evans,jones,valencia,nani,chicha en welbek i thing wi wil be able 2 win

De Gea
Jones Smalling Vidic Buttner
Valencia Fellaini Giggs Januzaj
Kagawa shud play in his preferred position n others being rested for weekend’s big epl game.

Pls rafael is our best righ full back player; jones is prefered in d defensive midfield position. Play rafael in right back & den give chicha a chance while we rest persie & rooney.

De gea
Rafael. Smalling. Vidic. Buntner
Jones. Carrick
Valencia. Welbeck/Zaha

Januzaj can come in @ 2nd half likewise fellaini & clerverly!
Pls mr moyes, donke d mistake of jones or smalling @ right bak & den beware of d risk of over using small januzaj; d risk is very dangerous! Give chicha & kagawa a chance & den pls let us know what Zaha can do 4 united & am sure u’ll see reasons why he shuld stay. Nani & young can go but not zaha

i think Januzaj should be rested for Arsenal game n gv Nani or Young a chance….defence Rafael has to start n in midfield Cleverly n Carrick r ok….GGMU

i will like moyes to start. D gea. Rapheal. Evans. Vidic. Evra. Carrick. Cleverly. Kagawa. Januzaj. Rooney.and Chicharito.

the line up ix fantastic if possible lts kagawa joine first plus rafael.zaha is an small skilld,experience player lts him join and show somethng i know he can du and said janko wizard.zaha not for sale than young…….

V persie and carrick should be left out cause of the big match coming up at the weekend. D gea,jones,ferdinand,vidic,buttner,nani,fellaini,giggs,kagawa,rooney and chicharito

Since Rafeal, Evans, Evra, Cleva and Welbeck are doubt. So, i expectin dis Squard.
Degea, Fabio, Jones, Vidic, Butner, Kagawa, Carick, Anderson, Januzaj, Rooney, and V.P. ;-
Sub. Lngard’ Chicha, Valencia, Nani, Felani.

If Fergie were still in charge I think he would definitely be resting players ahead of the Arsenal game and that could have meant a start for Welbeck or Chicharito.

Moyes doesn’t appear to be confident in rotating his players so I reckon he will want to pick from the team that started at Fulham plus Carrick and Kagawa. Carrick to replace Jones in midfield with Jones moving into the back line to replace Rafael or Evans, if they are unfit. Kagawa might start ahead of Januza,j to give the youngster a breather, with the kid on the bench.

The Arsenal clash is massive, bigger than the Sociedad game, in a one-off sense, and I think Moyes should have that as a priority. Perhaps he thinks he can put his strongest team out on both occasions.

i like the lineup you have posted, would give chicharito a start myself just to keep him bubbling, and i think he deserves it. would also keep rvp fresh for arsenal! 😉

p.s. same for Januzaj as well, definately deserves a start but would have him as supersub for same reason as rvp……freshness in what is already a huge game saturday!

I’m a manchester untied fun from a young boy now I’m 22 manchester united will beat both Real Sociedad and Arsenal. With any starting

I will prefer 4 2 3 1 line up….De gea,valencia evans vidic evra
carricks jones
januzaj rooney kagawa
van persie….i used valencia because of injured rafeal,and jones in place of clev,evra could be used if fit.if not as to seal our 10 points.

Lads please cleverly is the worst player to put the pride shirt of man-u on.. for heaven sake sell him for a pound.. as for moyes i can gurantee we wont be playing champions league next season.. he cant even select the correct starting eleven.. sack moyes and give any body the job even harry will do better than him.

Moyes is a full time idiot why does he keep playing kagawa on the left when he has nani young giggs jenozai and himslf to play that position.. kagawa need to be behind the strikers for a good period to develope a undeestanding between him roony and rvp.. moys out roy keen in..

Arsenal match is very important.we trust all our lays such line up shud be. Lindagar fabio jones smalling Buttner Nani kagawa carrick januzaj welbeck Chicha sub.vidic,Rooney,cleverley Amos,fallaini.utd till i die.

The Arsenal game is on Sunday! & CL game is tomorrow. The gap in-between is more than enough for players to recover/stay fresh. Plus leaving big name players out for almost a week might be worse off, than actually playing them. If we’re comfortable by half-time or 10/20mins into the 2nd half.. then take ’em off or bring them on if needed. (to avoid injuries)

play chica, kagawa in for Rooney, nani and young on the wings, cleverly and giggs as Cm, I personally don’t like much of this lineup but I hv a feeling moyes will play these players

I tink Rafeal should play at d right back, while u rest our youNg Januzaj plss don’t over play that young star, and give Zaha, cleverly, carrick and Kagwa d midfield row while u pair Chicharito with Welbeck or Rooney at d front tnk u.

pls moyes dnt use our big player becouse of super sunday match against arsenal. My predicted line up De gea, evara, vidic, fabio, jones, cleverly, kagawa, andeson, januzaj, zaha, chicharito.

I honestly am happy Carrick is injured…. can people really not see our sudden change in form has happened since his exclusion from the team????

Imho the best line up would be (bearing in mind injuries)

De gear
Fabio, smelling, Jones, evra
Valencia, fellaini, Kagawa, janujaz
Hernández, Rooney

Carrick is decent, b ut he is NOT suited to the attacking united style of play which is fast and full of energy, he prefers a slower game and can’t play incredibly well when under pressure. The united midfield has only looked dominating since he has been excluded!

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