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PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United 1-0 Real Sociedad

De Gea 7 – The few times David was called into action he was flawless. He looked to take the game in his stride and was only worried by a free kick that clashed with the woodwork.

Rafael 7 – A very hard working performance that had to be cut short by Moyes to avoid any possibility of a second yellow ruining the complexion of the game. The Brazilian looked a threat down the right providing dangerous crosses that troubled the Sociedad defence.

Evans 8 – Read the game very well and snuffed out most of the Sociedad attacks. This was a very positive performance that will make it hard for Moyes to drop him when Vidic and Ferdinand make their return.

Jones 7 – This performance was much like Evans, he was the more physical of the two defenders and cleared a lot of crosses and lofted balls. This should mean that Jones goes into the weekend feeling positive.

Evra 7 – Another very good performance from a United player, what Patrice is lacking on the defensive side of things he more than makes up for charging forward. Evra ran continuously and put in some good crosses. He was a threat throughout, especially in the second half when he found himself in space more and more when he linked up with Kagawa.

Carrick 8 – Simply brilliant throughout the game, his passing opened up opportunities numerous times. Carrick worked hard defensively too and was one of the hardest working players in the United team.

Giggs 8 – This was probably the best performance of the season by Ryan Giggs, his passing was great and his linking with Carrick, Kagawa and Rooney was a lot to do with what separated the teams. A few mazy dribbles with the ball would remind fans of the Giggs of old.

Valencia 6 – The performance was one that involved a lot of running and a disciplined attitude to defensive duties. The attacking aspects of Valencia’s are still not at the level they were a few years ago and that was evident the numerous times he got into great crossing positions only to deliver a poor end product.

Kagawa 8 – The first half saw Shinji less involved than he would have liked, it didn’t seem like anything was going to work out for him with relatively few chances to make a massive difference, as the game seemed to happen around him. The second half was a completely different story, Shinji grew into the game and his interlinking with Rooney, Carrick and Young when he joined the game could have easily resulted in a much more flattering result for United. One of the best chances of the game came when Kagawa crossed for a Phil Jones header that was saved from close range.

Wayne Rooney 9 (MOTM) – A great performance by Wayne that started about as well as he could have hoped with a tricky run into early part of the game that resulted in the own goal. Rooney was a threat throughout and had arguably the best chance of the game but fired over. He also turned provider in the second half and almost saw Young convert only for great work from th Sociedad keper.

Hernandez 7 – Chicharito has been on the fringes of the team for season so far but when given the chance he worked tirelessly to stake a claim for starting place and did have the ball in the back of the net. Unfortunately for Javier he was correctly ruled offside from the second ball in from Giggs after the corner.

Smalling 6 (On for Rafael – 59”) – Chris did his job well when he came on but had little to do as Sociedad were drifting out of the game.

Young 5 (On for Hernandez – 80”) – Ashley had a lot of chances after he came on but seemed waste possession every time. He didn’t seem to bring anything to the game apart from releasing Kagawa to play a more central role.

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6 replies on “PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United 1-0 Real Sociedad”

Harsh on young, got into promising positions and worked hard, did nothing wrong for me. Typical united fans giving him grief for no reason

An 8 for Michael Carrick is utterly ludicrous. Simply offers nothing whatsoever.
The praise he gets is justified as “controlling the space” or “screening the defence” or some other completely nonsensical joke of a quote.

I urge you to watch him closely, study his game and then tell me about his contribution. Never tackles, never closes down, never marks up, never scores, never assists, pathetic in the air, panics under pressure and SO slow and ponderous in possession.

His lack of creativity is as much of a joke as his frankly disgraceful lack of physical presence. His only discernable skill is his ability to spot and play a good pass but 9 times out of 10 he’d much rather look to play the ball 10 yards to someone else (usually behind him!)

“Hard to believe it’s not Scholes” ?!!
What an insult to Paul.
When you’re relying on stupid irrelevant things like pass accuracy stats and number of passes made to justify Carrick’s place, it’s crazy. Any League 2 player can have 96% pass accuracy if all he does is sit in United’s midfield and tap the ball sideways 10-15 yards.

Carrick gets an 8 while Jones gets only a 7 – unbelievable!!!

Can I just say….. finally!!!! A person with eyes and a brain!!!!

Carrick is a waste of space in the team!!! Without him we would be better off!

I do not f]doubt he can make a good pass… but how often does he help win Sa game…. practically never! The only reason peephole cant criticise him is because he hardly ever commits!! gigs put in more effort than him… and Jones played much better than him! Carrick barely left our own half and contributes nothing to attack. Simple fact he can’t make it into the England squad (a team that underachievers soooo much) simply shows how useful he actually is!

Kangawa gets and 8 and Valencia a 6? !!! You highlighted Kangawa’s 2nd half as his best… the same second half where Valencia not only hit the post but also served a pass that Kangawa unexplicably missed? I could agree on saying that Kangawa put a lot of effort, but that is not enough for an 8. Under the same i-logic approach Valencia should get an undeserved 9 just for effort! Again, my point is: Makes no sense Valencia with a 6 if Kangawa gets an 8, Hernandez and Rafael get a 7 (is Christmas time already???) and Carrick 8!

Good to hear ‘The Voice of Sanity’, Excellent comments about Carrick and his limitations. The best analysis I have read about the player’s abilities and performances.

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