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How Manchester United fans responded to Ashley Young joining Twitter

Manchester United and England winger Ashley Young decided that it would be time for him to join social networking site Twitter on Thursday afternoon, to a mixed response from fans.

Within minutes of Ashley Young and Manchester United announced his verified account he was bombarded with thousands of followers and twitter mentions, many of which were abuse direct at the 28-year-old.

Ashley Young might be thinking this evening why he bothered joining after much abuse that was directed his way, we have included some of the tweets below:


It wasn’t all abuse directed towards him, there were many people around the world welcoming Ashley Young to twitter, also a supportive welcome to the Twitter world from team-mate Rio Ferdinand, but he did warn him that he would need a thick skin to see it out.



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9 replies on “How Manchester United fans responded to Ashley Young joining Twitter”

Shameful. Irrelevant kids with no sense of respect.
That’s the internet for you, anonymity gives idiots the impression
they matter when they don’t.
Hope Young ignores it for what it is.

Fuck you young u don’t deserve to wear that don’t deserve any club in the premier league, go fuck yourself in championship league,u bastard

Young should warm e bench or sell to villa or any team at all cos he has nothing to gv united. I was even sad as united fan for he against lvrpool either moyes should gv chicha kagawa n zaha more playing time.

I really don’t like it when people think they have to swear to bring a point across but I do have to say that I fully agree with what the people are saying that he isn’t good enough for and shouldve been sold off long ago… if he has any sense he’ll put in a transfer request immediately. He really is that bad

I think he is spared to stay for man u up till this moment is bcs he is an english player, i dnt see the reason y kagawa n nani will be on the bench n ur playing young this is absolutely shit!!

I hate seeing Young stink up our left flank as much as the next fan but this kind of abuse is pathetic. That said, hopefully reading these messages will inspire Young to up his game a bit!

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