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Fellaini admits he sacrificed money to join Manchester United

Marouane Fellaini has admitted that he had given up part of a loyalty bonus that was owed to him from Everton football club so that he could make his dream move to Manchester United.

Fellaini made his £27.5million move to the Premier League Champions with moments to spare on Monday night as paper work was submitted just before the 11pm BST deadline.


Speaking at the Belgium team hotel in Brussels, Fellaini said:

“The clock was ticking, and when the form was put in front of me, I signed straightaway. I have never signed my name so fast in all my life.

“Nothing was going to stop me seizing this opportunity.

“It is true that I sacrificed some money (on my Everton contract), but that didn’t matter. All that counted was getting the deal done and realising my dream.”

Felliani is set to make his Manchester United debut next Saturday when they face Crystal Palace in the lunch-time kick off at Old Trafford.

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11 replies on “Fellaini admits he sacrificed money to join Manchester United”

So was the fee 23.5 million with Fellaini forgoing the 4 million bonus then? Makes Evertons communications manager look like a right plum for trying to claim otherwise saying we had paid the full 27.5m when he had no reason other than trying to save face. I’m just pleased I don’t have any more daily instalments of utter hypocrisy from Martinez any more. You know the guy that’s had three Wigan players. Their best strikers for 5 million using a clause he knew about for him time at Wigan. Alcaraz on a free then offers just 7 million pounds for their best midfielder McCarthy (how insulting and derisory eh) who they then end up paying double for. I tell you something I can’t see us continuing the tradition of selling our players to them for peanuts ever again after their almost hysterical behaviour over the entire summer. Rant over

I see Fellaini has said he became a manure fan after the 1999 champ.lge final. Seems most of todays redshite became one then too

i agree with nearly all you say there Danny, and we always get raped both ways on transfers, it takes the piss.
but, as for selling our players to everton for peanuts, yes maybe, but they are always injured or over the hill players…….Phil neville being the exception to that rule and he was no spring chicken when he left!

You can’t be serious! Rooney, £20 million in installments, plus bits over years, old whisky nose and stretford shafted us big time there. Also, martinez has gone back to wigan once before deadline day (for Kone). Neville and Howard both came for decent fees.

Few points to make on that. It wasn’t 20 million it was more like 27 million which was a world record at the time. Neville and Howard were no more than 3 million each same with Gibson all of whom we sold you for peanuts and played in your first team. Agree about Stretford though. That bloke is a real piece of self serving sh*t

Danny I get your frustration but reality is we did pay £27.5m to Everton, the money Fellaini waved was only a small bonus not £4m, I don’t understand your point about Everton buying Kone for £5m he had a buy out clause that was publicly known, they paid it and got the player, that’s how it works, if our inept management had done the same in July we would have saved £4m as Fellaini had the same clause.

Yeah I know how it works and was just using Kone to show that Martinez has gone back to his old club for several players and in McCarthys case gone in with a really low offer which he was getting all pissy at us for doing then ended up increasing their offer to sign the player just as we did. My point I guess is that I don’t understand Martinez and his daily bleating sessions about our conduct. We want the player as cheap as possible, they want as much money as they can get so we go in low then the other team negotiate you up from there. Isn’t that how 99.9% of all transfers are conducted? We didn’t pay the clause back then and nobody else did leads me to assume that no one thought it was a realistic figure and its down to our last minute desperation that we paid that fee. All in all a disappointing summer but I would urge all fellow reds to keep a perspective and not fall into the trap the media want you too that we are screwed and will be lucky to get fourth. They are doing a great job of making everyone relax about us and then POW normal service will be renewed

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