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Manchester United announce Champions League squad

Manchester United have confirmed their squad for the Champions League group stages.

United are in Group A, in which they will face Bayern Leverkusen, Shakhtar Donetsk and Real Sociedad – Starting with Leverkusen at home on Tuesday 17th September 2013.

Today, Manchester United issued their squad numbers and confirmed players to UEFA, they are as follows:


1. De Gea (GK)
2. Rafael
3. Evra
4. Jones
5. Ferdinand
6. Evans
8. Anderson
10. Rooney
11. Giggs
12. Smalling
13. Lindegaard (GK)
14. Hernandez
15. Vidic
16. Carrick
17. Nani
18. Young
19. Welbeck
20. v. Persie
22. Fabio
23. Cleverley
25. Valencia
26. Kagawa
29. Zaha
31. Fellaini
34. Cole*
35. Lingard*
39. Thorpe*
48. W.Keane*
50. Johnstone (GK)

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14 replies on “Manchester United announce Champions League squad”

pls can someone tell me why Adnan Januzaj is not in that list. I fear that we might loose that boi. Lets start to give this kids some sense of belonging

I wouldn’t jump him straight into the CL though. The 4 youth players in the squad are there primarily to fill it out. I’m sure Januzaj will get plenty of chances in the cups and the league.

Now u understand y this man may not even last this calender year.Januzaj is a very good player but Mr knw-it-all thinks he is not good enough. Have u observed dat pipo like him just dnt achieve as much and in some cases nt at all. Players like Adnan, Zaha and Lingard deserve their chance, nt 4geting Shinji Kagawa. If he’ll stick wth one-track-minded players like Cleverly he’l surely nt last no matter hw patient Man Utd is wth managers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!

Kagawa had a long summer playing for Japan, which was a key issue last season as well which led into his injury and his subsequent lack of form (Norwich withstanding); Moyes is clearly airing on the side of caution. Throwing Januzaj, Zaha and Lingard straight into the first XI, especially during a period of the season where we’ll play our 3 biggest rivals in 5 games is suicidal.
Granted, I’m just as angry with Moyes over the tactics used on Sunday, but one or two bad games doesn’t mean we should jump all over his back and try to force him out, that would make us no better than Chelsea fans.

Valencia reclaiming his old number is no news..smh…Januzaj shuda been included,no matter wat.wat abt d other kkids who were???

If I recall right, the junior players marked with an asterisk can be changed during the season so that is not carved in stone.

Adnan januzaj is the man we are looking for to arive at man utd. Ryan giggs is a legend no doubt, it is time for him to give way fro my young januzaj to show the world what he pakaged for man utd. Next is valencia how refused to improve his form, this are the men that is good for loan….. When will moyes correct this misstake. The hole World is watching…

If David Moyes is going to succeed as Manu manager, he has to understand that risk taking is part of success. No risk, No returns. he should try out the young Lads in games involving other teams besides the Top Fives.

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