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Manchester United open talks with Southampton for Luke Shaw

Manchester United have started the ball rolling with Southampton after making an official enquiry over the availability of left-back Luke Shaw, according to the Express.

Towards the end of last week, Manchester United lodged a £28million joint bid for both Fellaini and Baines from Everton, a bid which was turned down straight away.

David Moyes is said to be a big fan of Luke Shaw, who has been described as England’s biggest prospect at left-back.

Manchester United CEO, Ed Woodward and David Moyes have made a general enquiry regarding the availability of Luke Shaw direct to Southampton after the prospect of losing out on Leighton Baines.

luke shaw

Luke Shaw signed a five-year contract with Southampton back in July and was the star-man in their win over West Brom at the weekend.

Manchester United are likely to have made the enquiry on Shaw, who is valued at around £10million, due to the likely hood that Everton are not willing to part with Leighton Baines and current reserve left-back Alexander Büttner could make a loan move to Beşiktaş before the end of the transfer window.

Everton manager Martinez has been less than impressed with how Manchester United have gone about bidding for Baines and Fellaini, he said:

“It has been well documented what happened with the transfer speculation.

“That has been dealt with and it was all a little bit of a waste of time – time I don’t want players to waste. The start of the season was important for us, at Norwich, and I won’t come out now and carry on talking about the speculation.

“The players have had the demands of international football and then they started the league season with a lot of travelling. So it has been important these past few days that we can get them recovered, regenerate them and get them ready for the next game.

Manchester United are likely to lodge a higher bid for Fellaini and Baines during the week, according to reports the bid will be for £35million.

We doubt that Southampton will part with Luke Shaw this season after becoming a valuable player in their plans for the Premier League, but, it is good to know that Manchester United are keeping tabs on the young England left-back who is a fantastic prospect for the future.

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43 replies on “Manchester United open talks with Southampton for Luke Shaw”

He is unlikely to go to you and sit on the bench behind Evra and the Dutch guy you bought. Also the price will not be £10m but more like £25m as he will be in the England squad later this year and Arsenal and Chelsea want him as well. More money for Baines and Fellaini required

Yes, Shaw is better than Baines but you have a much better chance of getting Baines. You’ve got no chance getting Shaw.

Baines is 29 this guy is what 18 we should sign him and loan him back for 2 years to learn his trade before picking him up

So what happened to famed MU academy – Can’t they find anything there? And why should Saints feel compelled to sell – they don’t need the money and why would shaw want to sit on the bench. Are the people on this site so arrogant to assume that MU can bully smaller clubs into parting with their best players. The pampered players of MU are not the best advert for an aspiring player to be involved with. The days of MU dominance are over now that Fregie is not around to bully officials both on and off the pitch. So MU go and develop some of your own players or is that to MU the only way to developing a team is buy aka Chelsea. Perhaps MU is no-longer a first choice for others as has happened to Liverpool before

It was widely published back in the beginning of Summer, after Shaw turned 18, that he was glad of signing the 5 year contract that he hoped it ended clubs enquiring about him (which it had, until Moyes comes along…).

A question was asked earlier, us he better than Baines? In my opinion yes. Baines is very good, but Shaw is just better (even at 18). It is not just because he is a LB that has come through the youth academy at Southampton, that he is being compared to Bale. He has the potential to be as good, if not better than Bale.

Lastly, with regards to the 10m valuation quoted in the article, that is completely wrong. A player of his skill (already), along with his potential, the fact that Saints do not need (and more impotantly do not want) to sell him, the fact he had just signed a new 5 year contract, had ties with the club (has been with us for 10 years) and is learning his trade playing every week in the first team in the premiership with a very ambitious, an extremely good manager, great facilities and surrounded by his mates who he grew up with who are also breaking through into the first team (we started with 3 18 year olds in our team last Saturday when we beat West Brom away), the 10m is may off mark.

Perhaps if United offered their entire first team (all of them) in exchange for Shaw, then Saints might consider exchanging him for your 11 players (not sure what we would do with them all though, we do not them, RVP may get the odd game for us though…). In short, United have no chance of buying him.

So stick with chasing Baines, who will be a lot cheaper and you might have a small shot at getting.

You’re all deluded. Shaw signed a 5 year contract in the summer as he wants to stay at Southampton, he could have left before signing that contract, so why sign it? He’s a massive Chelsea fan so that would be the most likely club, if any. As for Buttner, we almost signed him before he went to United. Now we have Shaw and you have Buttner. I know whose better and so does everbody else. Onwards and upwards for the mighty Saints!

While I am glad that we are keeping an eye on the best future left back England well have to port, we should seriously be conducting our transfer business to targets that we actually need right NOW: a defensive mid and a winger: like Daniele de Rossi and Erik Lamela from Roma.

I think you are forgetting something erm … he signed in July and isn’t for sale? If he were to go anywhere after us it would be Chelsea. Not the club you once were I’m afraid.esp now Fergies gone

No way will you get Shaw. Gone are the times the lazy big teams can raid the best academy products in country from the south coast team.
They have financial clout now, and are ambitious.
Arrogance has always been the watch word from you plastic mancs, your time has gone, there are new kids on the block now.
Everton have told you to do one, now Southampton will laugh at you.and tell you to do the same

Forget it Mancs…you’ve got no chance of getting Shaw, he’s getting first team football at Southampton and they are an exciting developing club…United are getting boring tbh!

10 million not a chance. Having watched Baines last year and Shaw even at 18 I would say shaw is better. Baines is over rated Cole is the deal and Shaw will take over from him. United will have to pay a whole lot more than 10 million. Also he is a Chelsea fan so if anything I think they will get there man within the next two seasons. Baines will do for the next two or ttree seasons but Shaw Long term.

We are keeping Luke Shaw and all out other talent and we will become better and better and will be buying players from Utd !!!
We are no longer a selling club so go grow your own and try to lose your we will buy him and loan him back for 2 yrs attitude !!! Lol

Baines is a big talent but he’s 29, and Luke Shaw at just 18 is unbelievable. Utd should forget about Baines and stick to Evra,and then sign Shaw as a cover; loan him back to his parent-club to join utd next summer to compete with Buttner,and by then, Evra must have paid his dues.

Nice idea butt would you leave a first team position for bench time and reserves play every now and then. Second strings no fun. Even at 10mill.

Man utd dont have a chance in hell of signing him lol he has just signed a new5 year ccontract and said he loves our club

Shaw will never in a million years sign for United for 10M. Pure arrogance. If he goes anywhere, he’ll go to Chelsea in a few seasons for a fee of around 20M and upwards.

You can stick Buttner up your bum.

And 10 million, hahahahhahaha. How ignorant is that ‘value’ – really…. try starting at 30-40 million and to a good club too, not one on the way down..

Look how Bail has turned out. So anyone looking to get Luke should get realistic. Start the bidding at 50m plus add ons. Otherwise leave Southampton alone

Yes, Luke Shaw did sign new contarct for 5yrs, maybe because he knows his future is elsewhere (with his quality).its the only way Southampton could ask for a lot of money, now if he went on a free or on the cheap he woudnt be repaying southampton for what they made him.

I agree with most. Shaw is worth alot more than 10 million (around double in my eyes..) Moyes should sign him up but loan him back to Southampton again, similar to the Zaha deal. Shaw is an outstanding talent for the future and the sooner we lodge a bid the sooner he signs for MUFC and no one else.. Evra is good for one more season..

There is no doubt that the balance of power in the Premiership is shifting. From a situation where the two Mancs clubs were dominant, together with a re remergent Chelsea thanks to the Abramovich millions, a real threat is looming in the shape of Southampton, which has one of the best academies in the world, and is backed by the Liebherr empire. Mourinho is on record as saying that any one of six clubs could win the Premiership this season , and if you include those clubs aready mentioned, add Tottenham Arsenal (unlikely) and Southampton you have your six.I would add Aston Villa to these and I doubt that the winner will not come from one of these.

You’ve gotta love the arrogance of Man Utd. It’s great the way they think they can just pick a player from a mid table team and sign him at will. Shaw will not be moving to Old Trafford at all, let alone for a frankly insulting £10 million. He’s already worth double that at 18 and if he continues to progress at his current level he will be worth double that again by the age of 20. He is the English Gareth Bale we’ve all been waiting for and to suggest we’d roll over on our backs and hand him over to Moyes for £10 million is laughable. He’ll stay at Saints for another 2 seasons and then sign for Chelsea for around £35-40 million to replace Ashly Cole… You’ll see.

same thing was said about Zaha being a die hard Arsenal fan but look where he is…footballers don’t necessarily go to a club they love or support..he’s good @ his age but don’t write Man.U off yet

Southampton to won the PL ?? What are you guys smoking down there?? They’ve had one average season and now challenging for the title lolz. I agree 10mil is probably too cheap but 50mil he ain’t no Ronaldo.

No negotiations were opened. Man United were told where to go. He’s not for sale.

As for “valued at around £10million”, that’s peanuts for Southampton. Try trebling that amount and you still wouldn’t get him. Southampton have the third wealthiest owners in the Premier League.

Rafiq my good friend, would you like to remind us all how much money man u have spent so far in this transfer window? Is it more or less than the 36m saints have spent yet? Have you actually signed any of your targets so far? Do you think you can keep hold of your star?

It seems like all you saints are more trying to convince yourselves than dealing with truths ,money trumps any bullshit ,love for the club !five year contracts and so on ..Luke shaw can sign with united tomorrow if United really wanted him ..

Of course he would. Like all the others you don’t really want and haven’t signed yet. What about good old Wayne, when are we going to find out if you really want him….. or not.

Hahahaha as usual the English kids believe themselves superior creatures to other nationals. How about Barca bid for Shaw with Messi+£45m? Wankerz

What’s with all the saints fans descending on this site? Are you all deluded that Man Utd with an appropriate pay packet, promise of champions league football, the chance of playing for the champions in a world cup year won’t persuade a budding young left back to join?

All of that to offer……. And the draw of man utd has been there for all to observe this summer. Next you’ll say that you didn’t want bale and he wouldn’t make your starting eleven.

Sorry but we do not need to sell, our chairman is ruthless and determined…. No chance.

Good luck for the season.


Personally im with keeping Evra on. He’s a red. Baines would be a fantastic addition, but i would rather see him stood next to evra than replacing him. Buttner is good but not ready. Evans will be great one one day. Team should focus on midfield more than defence any way. Carricks alone out there when giggs isnt starting. Focus on helping mid field before worrying about our defensive positions. Felaini isnt who we need. I Like the idea of modric floating in papers today but lets get realistic. What about michu?, or kasami, and why isnt zaha starting with valencia on sub.

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