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Everton reject £28million bid for Fellaini and Baines from United

Everton have this morning rejected a £28 million bid from David Moyes and Manchester United for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.

Everton are less than happy with the latest Manchester United approach for Fellaini and Baines, in which they have valued Baines at £12million and Fellaini at £16million.

Back in June United made the same, £12million bid for Leighton Baines, which was also rejected straight away.

In an exclusive broken this morning in the Liverpool Echo, Everton are fuming at the cheek of United’s latest bid.

Everton bought Fellaini for £15million five years ago and at the end of the July a £23.5million buy-out clause finished on his current contract.

Manchester United are expected to return with a higher bid for the Everton pair this week.

What do you think of United’s latest bid? Comment in the section below.

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10 replies on “Everton reject £28million bid for Fellaini and Baines from United”

This bid leaves me totally underwhelmed. Yes Baines is a good player, but to me Evra seems reinvigorated and I’d be happy to see how Buttner shapes up. Fellaini is not and never will be good enough for United. We want World class additions in Midfield to challenge for the Champs league and that he is not.
I would rather not sign anyone if they are not of the quality that a club of the stature of United deserves.

Manure are taking the piss here badly, Fellaini got 11 goals last season and is a top class midfielder, Baines had more assists than anyone else in the league as a left back playing for a negative manager (moyes) never missed a pen takes class set pieces, you want Tue pair you pay what they are worth £45 million for both.

Getting p****d off with moyesy already firstly for his first game of the biggest club in the world he walks out in a tracksuit secondly your here to win not get a few draws fellani isn’t anywhere near a world class player and doesn’t have the mentality or the pedigree to be at a top four club which is why nobody else is interested need to wake up son

No idea. Liverpool and Everton and then Arsenal dominated the English league. Your kind of fan called for the sacking of Alex. United knew. Moyes will surprise you all. He is a canny winner. It takes a lot to win a league, a kind of desire most of you know nothing about. Any player with desire can drag a team to victory and become a great player. Believe me, I know. This new signing will be special.

@mike: Baines had 5 assists to his name, Evra had 6. Get your facts right.

We do not necessarily need Baines despite him beeing a top left-back. Fellaini isn’t a player to win us the CL, that’s maybe right, but he would significantly improve our mid with his box-to-box ability playing alongside Carrick. Would be a good option for us.

the transfer fee only is only for everton so lets not get carried away over the transfer fee, I’m sure the players wages will be far better than what they get at everton, I wonder what the players think of coming to united for far better wages?. Baines is 28 as well so I think the bid was around the mark, they won’t get this much in a years time thats for sure.

I think they are good players but not much of an improvement on what United already have, if in fact they are any improvement.

I can understand Moyes bringing his support staff with him from Everton but I’m not sure about going back there for players.

No other club is interested in Baines and Fellaini, they are hardly hot property.

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