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Do Manchester United fans care if Wayne Rooney leaves the club?

Wayne Rooney, do fans care if he leaves?

As Wayne Rooney missed Manchester United’s trip to Sweden to face AIK Fotboll due to a “shoulder injury” – We take a look to see if the fans of the club care if he does leave, as another bid comes in from Chelsea.

When Manchester United shelled out £25.6million to bring an 18 year old Wayne Rooney from Everton to the club there was mass excitement. That goal against Arsenal, those explosive performances in Euro 2004 and then a hat trick on his debut left us fans thinking we’d got a gem of a player, a player who will become the best in the world.

Fast forward 9 years and we’re left with the feeling of unfulfillment. The spark, the explosiveness, the excitement is all gone. We’re left with a player who only functions. We’re left with a player who hasn’t really ‘done it’ with the burden of being the main man, both for Manchester United and for England.

The downwards trajectory of Wayne Rooney both in terms of performances and popularity began in the 2009/10 season after he was injured in the 2nd leg quarter final against Bayern Munich. Up to that point in March he had scored 36 goals, with almost a whole 2 months left of the season. That was Wayne Rooney at the peak of his career, a peak he has not reached since. Underwhelming performances followed; A horrendous world cup, a transfer request (or 2 now), many instances of poor first touches, a poor European Championship, a distinct reduction in pace as well as good many occasions where he looked physically unfit and out of shape.

wayne rooneyFor me, his fitness is a constant irritation. Whilst out of shape he’s been sent to Nike headquarters in USA, he’s been dropped, he’s been persevered with. Nothing quite seems to work. He’s gone through spells where he’s looked sharper but the fitness issues occur far too often. It’s downright unprofessional that Rooney can’t keep himself physically sharp enough to play football at a level that his wage packet requires.

Despite still being in his first major slump after barely scoring a goal since March of that year and having a poor World Cup, when rumours broke of Rooney’s first transfer request I was pretty disappointed. Only the previous season we had seen what Rooney could do at his consistent best. It wasn’t so long ago that I’d think he couldn’t get back to that level again.

Would Rooney really have gone to Man City? Or was he doing it to eek out money from the club? It’s a matter of opinion I guess but it’s probably a bit of both. He intimated he wanted to leave Man Utd. He was linked with £60million moves to Man City and to other clubs in Europe but in the chaos he eventually got his £200k-£250k a week contract. At the time, the performances he had put in the season before, it was unthinkable to lose him, especially to a divisional rival.

robin-van-persie-vs-aston-villaLast summer, we signed Robin Van Persie, Arsenal’s former talisman and captain. The man has the talent, the man puts in the performances that justifies his transfer fee and what he’s paid. Every time he opens his mouth to the media he says the things that makes every United fan swoon at him. You can tell he loves being a Manchester United player. He behaves like a United player should, he conducts himself in the way you’d hope Wayne Rooney would.

The thought of letting go of Rooney now doesn’t seem too bad. He questioned the ambition of the club and ironically the ambition we showed has now made him less relevant. He isn’t an automatic starter in his own position. He was left out of the 1st leg against Real Madrid, the biggest game of the season at the time. The indispensability of Wayne Rooney had gone. The effect that certain tactics would have in that game was deemed to be greater than the effect Wayne Rooney could have by Sir Alex Ferguson – this being the greatest statement of Rooney’s current status at Manchester United.

Nowadays the pile of cash that one would need to prise Rooney away from Manchester United seems to have dropped to £30million. On the surface it appears that his agent, Paul Stretford has touted his client around to the very best clubs in Europe and they’ve replied with what appears to be a ‘no thanks.’ Unlike in 2010 when United had to yield to Rooney’s demands, we are now in the position of power. It will be interesting to see how the saga unfolds, with Rooney himself now wanting away from the club.

For so long, Man Utd have not sold anyone of any talent to a divisional rival. Juan Veron seems to be the only real exception when he was sold to Chelsea, though his impact at Chelsea was still much less than it was at Man Utd. I’d expect this trend to continue if we were to sell Rooney.

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If he was to stay, however, is there a way back for Rooney with the United fans? Though he was never my most favourite player I’ve always been glad we’ve had Wayne Rooney in our team. Despite poor form he’s still been quite productive in terms of goals and assists. He’s a useful player to still have around but I suspect the love many fans had for Wayne Rooney is lost. Here we have a player whose performances have generally declined in recent years and a player whose 2 transfer requests indicate that he doesn’t really want to be at United. Should we fans care about Wayne Rooney any more? I know I don’t.

What do you think on the Wayne Rooney saga?

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By Vikesh Chevli

I blog and tweet Manchester United. Follow me on twitter

49 replies on “Do Manchester United fans care if Wayne Rooney leaves the club?”

I will only care if man utd don’t buy a replacement or they sell to chelsea.Selling to chelsea will be one of the most stupid things utd have ever done for ANY PRICE.I don’t even think mourinhio wants rooney i just think he wants to cause tension in the man utd camp so it affects our performances.I mean does he think utd will sell for 25 million lol

Agreed if he wants to go sell him a club where he can’t hurt us or for £25 million sit him on the bench for 2 years and make an example of him for others who think they can force United’s hand

Dnt you think singing a quality midfielder is more inportant then Rooney. Why cant we spend some money for heaven’s sake. The board is letting moyes specialy this woodward Guy.

I think he’s a very fine player, who has given plenty good service to United. The sulking is disappointing, but if he wants to go, he should be let go. However, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATEVER should he be sold to either Chelsea (or City). Pretty any other club taking him would be much less damaging.

We’d b better off taking a clean loss of 25 million on him than selling him to Chelsea, where he WOULD come back and do considerably more damage than that amount to us.

Wayne Rooney is so far one of the best players in the world that no club would deny having him. So why should Rooney leave Manchester United after everyone in the club wants him and every fan too.

Did you read the above article??? Which I think was spot on so ill para phrase………..he turns up unfit …….his performances have slumped…….he sulks….and most importantly……he doesn’t want to play for us.

Well i feel this situation is the same as cesc fabregas uf the lads want to stay come out and say so if not fuck off don’t get mi wrong i have cheered waynes name many a time at old Trafford and at home but after 9 years i still thought he would stay yes 2 years ago there was talk he wanted to leave we will never know whether that was true or mot but for mi the highest culprit in this saga is sir Alex. I love the legend who slis Manchester united buy in one hand he gave is another title and in the other left us with this dirty laundry he should of kept his mouth shit and it there was a problem with Wayne should have left moyes to deal with it he has not helped with this situation. But putting that aside i think with the zaha lingatd and januzej coming through even if we don’t buy we looking good for the start of the season. The only way i would let Rooney go is if Chelsea offer £25.000,000 plus Mata otherwis fuck off tell eaune we ain’t selling ya you can run your contract or fuck off into reserves thesetop olyersthink they rulle well bollocks its about time someone made an example so why not united he signed a contract theres 2 years left so deal with it u shrek looking cunt

Remember Torres? Rooney isn’t half the goal scorer he is and he’ll struggle the same way, trust me he lacks character.

I don’t want him to stay. The overhead he scored v Citeh was a moment of magic but apart from that he has been a big let down and his lack of fitness is an insult. Get rid. He’s not wanted

I just want to say this us a fan of manutd for many years all i care is to see manutd going forward and winning thinks. No player is bigger then the club i think the problem is manutd cant find top top player to sing cuz there is no money. Looke how much city spent so far Chelsea, the board are letting moyes down and butting him in alote of presure before a ball is kicked. We now have a hard working honest manager but he realy needes support. Perhaps the most laughable story to come out of Old Trafford was Woodward dramatically jumping on a plane from Australia to deal with urgent business at the club. A few weeks on he still seems hopelessly unable to land. Rooney think show how amateur is woodward.

The club is bigger than player. We have won trophies after trophies when Keane, Beckham, Nistelrooy and many left…. So Rooney going is not an issue….. We will rule again…

Rooney going isn’t a huge issue, I agree. However, Rooney going to Chelsea is simply unacceptable. It’s tantamount to us taking careful aim at one of our feet and shooting. Cart him off to PSG or pretty much anywhere – but not to the Chavs. or Citeh.

If he insists on Chelsea, then just wait him out.

I think we should let him rot in the reserves until his contract runs out because that’s what he deserves,and if we were to sell him I’d hate if it were to Chelsea or City…

rooney should stay and fight for his place,stop bitching and earn his wages.
If he goes its out of pure greed,prove me wrong stop crying and get on with it

Lots of talk and rubbish about Rooney. The fact is that if we sell to another PL club, he’ll do a Tevez. Can nobody else see that? Without Rooney RVP would not have scored THAT goal. Some of Rooney’s assists last season were amazing.

Get behind him, he could be key next season.

Imagine a frontline of Rooney, Zaha/Nabi/Valencia and RvP. Midfield from a cast of thousands, a back 3. We wouldn’t have to worry about defending! Add either or both of Fab & Ron, and what have you got?

Can utd compete with that if they don’t sign anyone?I’m scared of navas vs evra cos evra was gettin showed up by some average wingers last season.I really think we should try our best to get baines.I would be happy if we got fellaini,cabaye and baines.


I think this team could win the lineup is good enough to match anyone in the league

I was brought up in Salford and have breathed Utd since the early 60’s. I have never been so disappointed in ANY United player. I managed to get back to Manchester to watch Utd live against Southampton last season. Rooney put in less energy than even Berbatov. He strolled around and was absolutely knackered after one run. Let him go to wherever he thinks is big enough for his talent. He’s a waste of space for us.

Can you read?Fellaini/cabaye means fellaini or cabaye if u didn’t know so i’d say its about right

I don’t care any bullshits saying rooney is not at his best so united needs to get rid of him.. that’s bullshit! after all the goals he scored and created, after all the matches and trophies won, united and most of the fans are being harsh toward him these days. f ck all the disgraceful people around the world who mock him these days while cheering for him like crazy when he gave you those goals. these mocks are not worthy for him or his family.. some bulls talking about loyalty while they’re not loyal at all..

First of all ,I am a life long Manchester supporter.Having said that I do think that the club and Ferguson in particular have treated Rooney abominably… First Ferguson breaks their confidential talk, Woodward follows it up with’we can let his contract run out’ and then Moyes effectively says,Wayne you play follow up to Van Persie,when he is injured or not playing.This, to a player who for all his faults has given 9 seasons to United and kept them at the top when Tevez and Ronaldo left… He is a more complete footballer than ever VP is.
The reason that UTD have rejected 2 offers from Chelsea is all to do with money. They want Rooney to put in a transfer request and this will save them money,payable for loyalty bonuses etc…
All this talk about no player is bigger than the club is just a smokescreen. Ferguson’s body language in the post match celebration of our League triumph showed a hug for everyone but a begrudging handshake for Rooney..Let him go to Chelsea. and be done with it

Look at giggs, scholes both could of gone to any club in the world but the knew they was at the best club and any other club would be a step down so Mr Rooney listen to them two. Both better players than you and one club players , but if you wanna go then good bye you will not be missed ( by me anyway)

If you know your history, Giggs wanted to go from Utd about 10 years ago but SAF persuaded him to stay… Scholes I agree is a 1 man club…All this talk about not leaving..Look at Beckham etc -He hasnt actually been a failure but SAF threw the boot at him…

Wayne……..united deserve more than what u re bringin tite now.united have shown how a commited player should be decorated and appreciated wch wt ma reserve I found dis S̤̥̈̊o̲̣̥ scarcee with other club.more than 140million fans…are u bigger than dem.shows us that u re d real wayne rooney and u can be nominate as world best where else to mak histoory except in manchester is red.if. U want to leave farewell.dis year red devil has arrived just watch out fr two top signin

swap him for mata (plus a few quid hopefully), then at least we are weakening them somewhat, plus we get a full Spanish international, 2 years prem experience, a real professional , not a sulking, brooding brat, 1st sign of the bench he wants to leave, what example is he setting the rest of the 1st team up and comers? lingard januzaj?? hernandez great attitude from the bench most weeks 100% commitment, would have him in the team over rooney

I think all you Roo haters contradict yourselves if he’s not that good, y shouldn’t he go 2 chelsea. U guys say he’s useless if thats true then y don’t you’ll agree let him go and weaken chelsea. I think keepin him is the best we can do cos even if he doesn’t score his assists count. Even in midfield i think he would do a better job of it than most of those that we already have. As for his transfer request i think it ws SAF’s parting shot to Roo. I think we should embrace him make sure he stays n goes on doin well for utd. Seein that we can’t attract any big names if keep Roo and with the yng guns coming thru then we can retain the title without any new signings . Remember SAF ws no angel he sold some of the best players even tho they hadn’t askd to go- Stam, Beckham, Van Nistelrooy he didn’t want Tevez and the list goes on.

There is no way that UTD will keep Rooney now.. They, not him, are responsible for this charade.. SAF did not mind buying RVP from Arsenal but all this talk about not selling to another Premier league club is rubbish.Let him go to Chelsea,if he is not good enough for UTD then let him prove himself at Chelsea… I dont want him to go but SAF is still pulling the strings and he and Rooney just did not hit it off…. Rooney knows this and failing some kind of assurance about playing in his favored position of striker, he is gone.. and Utd will regret it…

Every united fan loves this team, every legend became one because of love for team and true service there is late George best, cantona to that but perhaps you (@Wayne) didn’t play with them so you don’t give two fucks to that well how about scoles and giggs? You were living legend like they are but now you can go be rotten tomatoes in Chelsea for all we care we will make another you in no time.

Great united fans! I do not Rooney has any thing better to give again, looking at his performances in the past couple of season. I mean he’s performances has been so disappointing and emberassing considering his weekly package of 250,000 pounds. He shud be let go but not to chelsea or man city, probably outside England. And to fill in his space we the fans demand a better established experience player that will come and ignite the moral of the team cos leting him go without a signifant signings will kill the team spirit.

Absolutrly perfect essay, I have had the exact same thoughts since the Madrid game, another point with Rooney in the team, is that he is also keeping kagawa out of his natural position who would have a much bigger impact and also a younger age, unfortunately with Rooney, on form he can be on of the top 10 players in the world, but when he plays bad, he can become a liability, I think it’s time to sell him, but not to a prem team, see of Barca will have him and some money for fabregas, they have just sold David villa aswell

Rooney is a fucking fat bozo and an ingrate as well cux puttin in a 2 transfer request in three years shows d greed in him……he just after the hefty money he goin 2 b pocketing……all rooney supporters should think twice before jumping into conclusion bout saf and manchester united cux no player is bigga than a klub that is 103years old…….i personally love rooney buh he is disgracin our color wit his nonchalant altitude towards the klub,the players and the fanx……..WHAT A SHAME…….he should sold abroad cux makin him a scapegoat wil teach that son of a bitch a lesson

I saw his debut hat trick live at OT. I have seen every game since on Australian TV. Wayne definately has an attitude issuse that will always be there, he finds it hard to be second fiddle, however it does seem as he has not been managed wisely, all players need different approaches, he needs support all the time, he was put in the too hard basket n it is obvious that SAF was unhappy with him in that last week prob because of leaking retirement plans. having said that Wayne has a lot to offer if he is handled correctly n I think Moyes or Muhrino can do it. Obviously better for us if he stays his assists are magic.Wayne if u read this our Ron Barrssi famous AFL footballer here in Australia used to say —–
—That just about sums it up no matter where you go but if you can see that your sucess is within you and not the fans or the manager then stay at the best club in the world and amaze us with your brilliant skills we all know you have. To finish if Wayne decides to stay we, the fans must support him because why! because he needs it and we need him at his best for club n country this year.

Im united fan,,,, and most of all Wayne Rooneys fan the rising star of united at 9-10 season.,,,ya after that he didn’t shine like he did,,,but he is still the world’s biggest player,,and SAF N CLUB STAFF..didn’t treated well wd him in last season..they make him disappointed..RVP cant score 198 Wayne Rooney’s goal,,, ROONEY IS CATALYST of united..but as a player he have some ambitions to play as main man,,,but SAF didn’t gave his position to him when needed at CL match,,against RM. ND there we lose Wayne Rooney not only match,,,nw if u sold him to Chelsea,,it would be a Direct title lose for united,,Cause Rooney is desperate to show the world that he is still the star player,,believe me if he sold to Chelsea,,it will be a biggest loss for us,,i want him to go,,,but pls moyes sing a quality player first,,as roo’s level,, aNd please don’t compare him wd Torres or tevez ,,,he is far more better than them..

Rooney is a Classical player, Courageous, Tactical, Motivating and Energetic. No RVP without assists, I bet U regret him missing. U miss d explosive , U will miss da pace . He filled Tevez absent , Sell him to Chelsea ,He’s a device that ill damage your encounter. MOU will appreciate what u called a wasted . U makes him go crazy, Embrace Him and see his wonderful worth of his claims , Rooney is Chances creator and a finisher . SAF started it, sell him and see his performance. Why do u want to ruin his carrier on bench ? Why don’t u want him Leaves when U claims he’s not good ? Why is He the highest paid in Man U, If u can’t add meaningfully , don’t reduce meaningfully, U will never appreciate what u have until U loose it. Be d RED

If rooney is a player as wat orgunz claim.. Then wat is his prblm? Why wont he play his heart out for us?? Why make so much noise? Abt trnsfr? Abt off position etc. Just play well whr ever u r!!!!!!

Sputa would snp r fingers off for Wayne but cant afford his wages. But fuck it i wouldn’t sell him he signed a contract i would run it down he might strop out for a bit but hey theres a world cup next year he will soon start playing. At end of the day clubs need to show who’s boss when u put pe. To paper u c it through when u buy a car and take a 4 year deal to buy it u cant then all of a sudden say fuck this in not happy with this car so fuck your deal in getting another one. As for suerez hes got a clause in his contract and with bale its silly money. Spurs have spent nearlly 50 mill brought 2 qaulity players so for mi yeah sell £85 mill why wouldn’t u sell that could get one more top player the put the rest into the stadium??? But Wayne fuck off going know where son see out your contract play the game get yourself ready for world cup and just do what u do best? But Chelsea city forget it i can go there in 2 years

Taking the last 5 seasons into account he has scored exactly the same amount of goals as RvP. He has in that time either scored or assisted in 34% of all Utds goals. Doesn’t sound so shit now does he!!
He can be moody as he wants and stay if he does that for another couple of seasons. The frenzy is whipped up by the media, and i’d much rather have Rooney in the line up than Nani or Anderson (both of them can go for free for me).

I would be disappointed if Rooney was sold, his goals per game record speaks for itself plus the amount he creates! Amazing player! And who cares if he has attitude, anyone remember Cantona,Keane and co? We don’t know the ins and outs of whether he wants out of this latest saga yet. Moyes was bang out of order for saying Rooney would be important if Rvp got injured, unless it was a gee-up for him. I just wish our number 10 would speak and confirm a few things.

We have sold/let go far more gifted players than Rooney. He’s definitely lost his spark that he once had, so we’ve probably had the best out of him…but he can change a game with a goal or a pass, is that worth someone else missing out on playing time though? I’m not sure. If his presence in the changing room would not be missed then maybe it’s time to let him go. He’s done it for us in the past and for that he is still a UTD legend!!!!!

Look at what Gary Neville writes about Rooney this morning.This guy knows his football..He knows Rooney and Man Utd.. He writes that there is no way Rooney should go to Chelsea unless a major major replacement is signed.Ronaldo or Bale.
He reminds us of the importance of Rooney to Utd in the last 8 years.
For all of you decrying Rooney’s contribution during the past 2 years, let me remind you that SAF played him out of position for the benefit of the team.. If he goes,then it should be reluctantly by the club but with the acknowledgement of the immense value he has been over 9 years.

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