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PICTURE: Chinese Manchester United fans go fishing for David De Gea

We have all asked a celebrity for an autograph in the past, but has anyone gone to the lengths that these Chinese Manchester United fans went to while the squad were there on their pre-season tour.

Below you can see how these initiative fans clipped together lanyards to create a fishing line which had an autograph book attached the the end.


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5 replies on “PICTURE: Chinese Manchester United fans go fishing for David De Gea”

Why are people so deluded to think that our Man Utd midfield is strong enough to cop with the Premier league and Champions league? The truth is we are below par in terms quality in that department for years. Carrick has never impressed me since he joined us. Anderson is good, he needs more games. Come on guys, we need proper midfielders. Cliff.

Cliff – we won the title last year or were you asleep when it happened? Also, to say Carrick has never impressed you tells me you don’t really watch enough of United play, either that or you arent paying enough attention to his influence in games. We do need a midfielder but also remember we are still champions and would have beat Real Madrid last year if not for a dodgy ref.

Carrick has never impressed you? You are probably blind.. He has been carrying the united midfield singlehandedly for the past two seasons and always has been a top player.. Ando is a frustrating player has the ability but somehow fizzes out.. Do not comment only for the sake of doing so.. We do need to reinforce the midfield but without Carrick united would be nowhere especially after the departure of scholesy

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