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David Moyes happy with summer transfer search

David Moyes this afternoon sat down for his first pre-match press conference as Manchester United set-up to face Singha All Star XI in Bangkok.

Moyes has admitted that he is happy with the search so far for new talent to bring into Manchester United over the summer, but admits that he has never stated the Thiago Alcatara was a target.

Speaking in Bangkok today he said:

“We’re on with targets that we are chasing at this moment in time, there are people we are actively chasing and, at this moment in time, we’re happy with how things are going.”

When asked about Thiago Alcatara still being a target, he said:

“I never said at any time that he was.”

Moyes was quick to brush off any questions about the future of Wayne Rooney.

On Friday Jose Mourinho was very open in stating his admiration for Wayne Rooney, in which Moyes responded:

“People are entitled to talk about good players, i’m sure Jose has been asked about lots of players as well. I’ll keep repeating myself: Wayne is a Manchester United player and he’ll remain that.”


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4 replies on “David Moyes happy with summer transfer search”

The only movement at united appears to be players out.. personally I hope he does go for youngsters, Fergie has been stretching the team thinner and thinner with the lack of funds and it was only a matter of time before the bubble burst. Despite being champs United need to rebuild the side, they have too many mid table players in the first team.. Comical that all the press has gone on about is Thiago yet United were never after him… Don’t they have to have some idea what they are doing?? Money for old rope..

I must admit I am liking Moyes dealings with the press – all respect to ya Moysie. His avoidance technique “you aint getting nothing out of me I don’t want to tell ya”, will become legendary LOL. I also like that much of his information is more towards INFORMING the Man Utd faithful, than it is to satisfy the pest questions of the media. Not many managers keep fans interests foremost, well as much as he is able to, but I think Moyes does care about the fans. It’s the impression I get so far, but We will see. Another era, more of the same success please.

i hope DM knows what he is doing. SAF managed to win samfin out of de current squard but i doubt DM can. we need to strengthen de squard pls get sam CM

Nearly 28 years ago I started following “The Red Devils”. . . . 28 years later I am still bemeaused that we can’t get who we want & when we want. . . . A lot of it came to light with the Ronaldinho factor!!! I remember Ronadinhio promising a young British Manchester United Fan that he would be joining United!!!!!! – Fast Forward to today – None of the players that all Inited fans would love to see in a United Jersey actually ever join the club!!!! (There is 1 though that If I ever saw face to face – I would slag him to bits!, & that is Michael Ballack lol) Am so glad that every time I see him I Remember him stating that he wouldn’t join United because he wanted to win the Champions League!!!!!! Well that didn’t work out for him now did it? Afterall he did play in the Champions league final against United!!!!!!

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