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Do Manchester United fans care if Wayne Rooney leaves the club?

Wayne Rooney, do fans care if he leaves?

When Manchester United shelled out £25.6million to bring an 18 year old Wayne Rooney from Everton to the club there was mass excitement. That goal against Arsenal, those explosive performances in Euro 2004 and then a hat trick on his debut left us fans thinking we’d got a gem of a player, a player who will become the best in the world.

Fast forward 9 years and we’re left with the feeling of unfulfillment. The spark, the explosiveness, the excitement is all gone. We’re left with a player who only functions. We’re left with a player who hasn’t really ‘done it’ with the burden of being the main man, both for Manchester United and for England.

The downwards trajectory of Wayne Rooney both in terms of performances and popularity began in the 2009/10 season after he was injured in the 2nd leg quarter final against Bayern Munich. Up to that point in March he had scored 36 goals, with almost a whole 2 months left of the season. That was Wayne Rooney at the peak of his career, a peak he has not reached since. Underwhelming performances followed; A horrendous world cup, a transfer request (or 2 now), many instances of poor first touches, a poor European Championship, a distinct reduction in pace as well as good many occasions where he looked physically unfit and out of shape.

wayne rooneyFor me, his fitness is a constant irritation. Whilst out of shape he’s been sent to Nike headquarters in USA, he’s been dropped, he’s been persevered with. Nothing quite seems to work. He’s gone through spells where he’s looked sharper but the fitness issues occur far too often. It’s downright unprofessional that Rooney can’t keep himself physically sharp enough to play football at a level that his wage packet requires.

Despite still being in his first major slump after barely scoring a goal since March of that year and having a poor World Cup, when rumours broke of Rooney’s first transfer request I was pretty disappointed. Only the previous season we had seen what Rooney could do at his consistent best. It wasn’t so long ago that I’d think he couldn’t get back to that level again.

Would Rooney really have gone to Man City? Or was he doing it to eek out money from the club? It’s a matter of opinion I guess but it’s probably a bit of both. He intimated he wanted to leave Man Utd. He was linked with £60million moves to Man City and to other clubs in Europe but in the chaos he eventually got his £200k-£250k a week contract. At the time, the performances he had put in the season before, it was unthinkable to lose him, especially to a divisional rival.

robin-van-persie-vs-aston-villaLast summer, we signed Robin Van Persie, Arsenal’s former talisman and captain. The man has the talent, the man puts in the performances that justifies his transfer fee and what he’s paid. Every time he opens his mouth to the media he says the things that makes every United fan swoon at him. You can tell he loves being a Manchester United player. He behaves like a United player should, he conducts himself in the way you’d hope Wayne Rooney would.

The thought of letting go of Rooney now doesn’t seem too bad. He questioned the ambition of the club and ironically the ambition we showed has now made him less relevant. He isn’t an automatic starter in his own position. He was left out of the 1st leg against Real Madrid, the biggest game of the season at the time. The indispensability of Wayne Rooney had gone. The effect that certain tactics would have in that game was deemed to be greater than the effect Wayne Rooney could have by Sir Alex Ferguson – this being the greatest statement of Rooney’s current status at Manchester United.

Nowadays the pile of cash that one would need to prise Rooney away from Manchester United seems to have dropped to £25million. On the surface it appears that his agent has touted his client around to the very best clubs in Europe and they’ve replied with what appears to be a ‘no thanks.’ Unlike in 2010 when United had to yield to Rooney’s demands, we are now in the position of power. It will be interesting to see how the saga unfolds.

For so long, Man Utd have not sold anyone of any talent to a divisional rival. Juan Veron seems to be the only real exception when he was sold to Chelsea, though his impact at Chelsea was still much less than it was at Man Utd. I’d expect this trend to continue if we were to sell Rooney. Having said that he’s been linked with Arsenal lately. I could probably live with him being sold to them. Maybe a few trophyless years will make him appreciate what he had at United?

If he was to stay, however, is there a way back for Rooney with the United fans? Though he was never my most favourite player I’ve always been glad we’ve had Wayne Rooney in our team. Despite poor form he’s still been quite productive in terms of goals and assists. He’s a useful player to still have around but I suspect the love many fans had for Wayne Rooney is lost. Here we have a player whose performances have generally declined in recent years and a player whose 2 transfer requests indicate that he doesn’t really want to be at United. Should we fans care about Wayne Rooney any more? I know I don’t.

What do you think on the Wayne Rooney saga?

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By Vikesh Chevli

I blog and tweet Manchester United. Follow me on twitter

39 replies on “Do Manchester United fans care if Wayne Rooney leaves the club?”

Agree with the criticisms of him but are United in a position of strength? He could see out the final two years of his contract on his massive wage and walk away for free. Alternatively, they have to convince him to take a pay cut and give him a long-term deal when chances are with his fitness in rapid decline, he could be washed up in three years anyway.

Well thought out piece, with some really valid points. I was once a big fan of Rooney but he has let himself and the club down too many times and I for one am tired of him putting in lack lustre displays. If Lewandowski was to come to Old Trafford, I dont think I would bat an eyelid at Rooney leaving and if he is to stay, his wages would need to be dropped considerably until he proves he’s worth it.

Also on the same note, how Van Persie speaks of the club and has conducted himself this year has been incredible. Rooney for the past two years has seemed like it was a burden for him to play, Swansea away he was a joke.

As you said you have never been afun of wayne so that in itself explains your critisism.
We know well that when utilised properly he is better than most,and kindly spare us the talk of Van persie talks nice things about the team,I think each & every player will always talk nicely when things go rosey,how many nice things did he say at arsenal & yet he left,to sum up no player is as white as you may think.
Aplayer who has spent 9 years of service to the great of these club deserves some much respect.
You question waynes form after that magic season,don’t you think the club jeopardised his fitness with an early return from injury.

True, but that’s because of his usefulness in midfield. Imagine if we sold Rooney and got Cesc Fabregas. Rooney needs to go to allow Kagawa develop. We’d play a 4-2-3-1 with Fabregas and Carrick behind Kagawa and two wingers

I think let him go its the start of a new revalution and i don’t c Wayne being part of that. We should try all we can to bring in lewondowski. Have him and rvp as r main 2 strikers with chito as back up welbeck gets a game where he gats a game. His worth ethic is 2nd to none but its simple he don’t put the ball in the net enough? I think alcantara would b a good buy with h and Kagawa supporting the front 2 of lewon and rvp i c a lot of goals. I would sell nani aswell and Anderson there time is up. Use the funds there funds and rooneys to to get a defensive mid fielder. Strootman would b a good buy. And i c us retaining r title. But what we should never do os fork out 65 mill+ for Ronaldo plus 300.000 wages the three players i have just mentioned we can buy all three strengthen r team in 3 areas for the same price and probably a little less wages put together.

And here I thought I was the only person who noticed Wayne Rooneys decline in form. In many of his games this season his first touch was a disaster. He lost the ball too many times in a game.I think he needs to move on now if only to revive his career. We have RVP and his experience will really help his team mates rather than Rooneys demands.After 1 goal against Brazil he now wants to play striker. Stripes need to be earned Mr Rooney…especially after they have faded so badly on and off the field…Sell him!!!!!

I remember when he came to United I texted a Chelsea supporting mate, telling him we had found the new Cantona, a player who would be with us until he retired, and inspire the team to glorious days, well he has partly fulfilled the second part, but I am seriously doubting he will fulfill the first.

I think part of his problem is he was undroppable at United, no matter how badly he played, and this season he has had a severe wake up call, a new player is on the scene, and now Rooney’s shirts are not flying out of the megastore in the quantities they used to.

He must know that if he really wants to win trophies he has to stay at United, but his problem is, he wants, no he expects to play in every game, he treats it as “it’s his ball”, the sooner he gets over it the better, Colleen even tweeted before the Real match “No Wayne…anywhere :(”

He says he doesn’t want to play in midfield, but when he can pick out RVP with a pass like he made at Villa, he seems to be a natural for the role, if he were truly a United player to the core, he would accept that,play the game, become known as a playmaker, and a creator, he’s got it in him, and unlike Scholes, he can tackle a bit.

The Gaffer is admin @

He never have a passion as great as Cantona. Maybe the temper, but not the passion or charisma. Thats why going into 30 soon, despite achieving so much already, he’s not a captain. Because he can’t lead the team. Not like how Cantona did. Hell, not even 50% of Keane.

If united sign lewandoski i will escort Mr Rooney through the front door at 12 noon, the wave goodbye WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. Will b good riddance

I think its the timing of Rooney transfer request that’s wrong if he waited until the end of the season most united fans would be ok but to do it week before we get the prem trophy was absolutely wrong i want him out but to P.S.G or somewhere with a rubish league like Portugal

Rooney is a brilliant player! But it is quite clear how unhappy he is at United. You can see it in his football. If he wants to leave, sell him now and get as much as you can for him. Even if he does stay, he wont play to the best of his ability. I say sell to a club out of ENgland and give his spot to someone who lives for that position begind the striker… Kagawa! He was born to play there! Rooney has always been one of my favs but its time to do whats best for everyone.

Be careful what you wish for. Rooney is still, in my opinion, a better player than Lewandowski. I’m not conviced he wanted to leave united either, more like things lost in translation with Fergie. Yes he hasn’t been at his best, yet we all forget he scored 27 goals in the premier league last season, one more than van Persie. I think under Moyes the old Rooney can return, having Rooney and RvP on form would be unstoppable.

United should send Rooney packing,he is commanding a weekly pay of £250k which doesn’t seems ryt depending on his performance,d best time 2 get rid of him is nw cos we might end up selling him €3m in d future,his peak is gone.

Bullsh*t… Rooney is one of the fittest players we’ve got, he’s always bust a gut up and down the pitch and drags along a lot of average players through many a game. If he wants to go, I’m sure it is because he is sick of being played out of position, and like many United fans, he’s got tired of waiting for a world-class centre-midfielder to arrive and give him the service he deserves!

For me should be sold. He practically overpaid. We love him no doubt, but at this point in time it will be a good move for all involved.

Ii is about time all true United fans got of Rooney’s back and remember all that he has done for our club, he was right to speak out originally as the Glazers never had hardly any intention of bringing the best players to United until he spoke out at that time he spoke for all of us fans who all wanted to say this and get better players in at our team, this time and hardly any papers will print the damn truth but Wazza did NOT ask to leave United, he infact said to sir Alex if im not played in my best position then maybe I should go and that’s about the truth of this story, who ever said this their clear intention is for Wazza to leave United so as they have their wish, just remember all that Wazza has done for us, so now we must all get behind him and believe in him make him our main man again extend his contract for the rest of his carreer as we will not get a better striker and player than him unless you want to pay 40M+ then I doubt if you would as you also have to look at his assists also as well as his goal scoring, in my opinion after Vida Wazza should be the vice captain as he always gives you 100% even when the other players don’t, we need to strengthen our team not make it weaker and we need to get rid of players who are not good enough to wear the United shirt, the likes of Bebe, Anderson and nani all need to go and Danny welbeck needs to go out on loan so he can start to at least try scoring goals again, we deffo need new blood in at United but we can never let our best players leave as that just gives strength to other teams, Wazza is still the best overall player we have at United and he needs to be played in his correct position and not in midfield at this time in his career at United.
This is the start of a new history of United and we must continue making our team stronger each and every window if possible. United and Wazza 4 ever, so if you are a real true United fan get of Rooney’s back as for 1 I am sick of seeing the lies about him asking for a transfer when he has not done so and that person just wants him away from United and if fans don’t get behind Wazza he will go. He is still the best we have and soon he will also be our record goal scorer in the history of our great club:)

Ya, No wonder you won’t miss him.. When you play off your position, then when the fuck will you get form????? Rooney has always sacrificed his position to some one who can’t play other than striker. Can Van Persie play in midfield??? If you make Van Persie play in midfield, can he gain form??? will he play good?? think about it….

He played very well in a handful of games this year but for the most part of it he played like a Sunday league footballer, he is nowhere near the player he was and maybe that is because he is on the ciggies and maybe too many pints or maybe he has just lost the desire to play, he just looks so slow and cumbersome and his first touch and ability to go around a player seems to have deserted him, it is sad but as far as I am concerned there is no way he gets to play striker in front of Chica and there is daylight between him and RVP and as for playing in the hole, I think Kagawa has better technique and speed of thought in that role so if Rooney does want to leave it is probably best that he goes and tries to find a challenge that will benefit England.

Am so sorry, I don’t know why most people think Wayne should leave, I bet u guy, Manchester will never be Manchester united again, remember those day when ever there’s left to be fill, only player that fill in the gap is Wayne. Checkout the whole world right now and name 2 strikes like him and I mean striker that can play anyway on the field.

Wayne is playing for the best club in the world….what the hell does he want to leave for…??? He seems to get on with ALL of his team mates….he receives a salary on which most of us would be glad to earn the tax amount alone…..the only reason I can see is he wants to play in EVERY game.
GROW UP Wayne… is a squad game and as such…rotation will and does happen. If this does not suit his lordship….then by all means….LEAVE.
No special treatment……No favourism…..accept how things are…and get on with it.
Be grateful with the wonderful club you play for and give David Moyes your full commitment and loyalty to the future of oOUR club.

If he’s not happy here sell him for 25-30m and bring in Lewadowski. At least we’ll have a happy player who keeps fit.
Problem with Rooney is he thinks the grass is greener on the otherwise, where in reality it isn’t

Well Ronaldo wanted to leave United aswell and nobody said anything to him.
Give the guy a break , he was left on the bench in the most important game of this season and I think that was a poor decision by Sir Alex.I think it’s normal for a player to feel like Rooney feels.So I DO CARE FOR ROONEY

Wayne Rooney has been the glue that has bound our title charges on the pitch from an attacking sense for the last 9 years. When he asked to leave it was a misguided story. What happened was he said what every Man U fan said when City were spending 400 mil on players, we need to bring in world class players or we will be left behind. Without Fergie that will be the case, the tight ar*se Glazers wont fork out the money for Leighton Baines or Fellaini/Lewandowsk/Thiago so lets forget that right now. That is why we are bringing in unkowns from Uruguay. The next 10 years will be Man City v Chelsea for the title, financial fair play will never be correctly implemented because of sponsorships from business such as Romans and The Sheiks companies so us United fans will have to hold on to the last 20 glorious years. I know I am happy with this in my lifetime. Let Rooney stay and see what he does next season, as the money from Rooney wont be injected into the transfer coffers, it will simply go toward paying off the vulture Glazers half a billion pound debts.

I don’t agree the money is there players come and go. But for mi Rooney has to go even if its just for the first time he put in his transfer request. People say if u r a true united fan get off his back Rooney signed his last contract for money not love of the club? He held us to ransom? No some of you talk about what hes done for the club i agree hes been awesome. But his heart ain’t filly innit? Look at Scholes giggs Neville Beckham never once did they hold r great club to ransom. Or demand this and demand that. They new what a great club they were at amd were honoured to b play for us and that’s been shown by there loyalty to the club many offers cane in for Scholes and giggs? Neither player battered and eyelid they stayed true to united and just believed in what the manager was doing and that’s how it should b. U r a footballer shut up and play football and let other people worry about signings and who’s coming in. We r the highest and best club in England and r history speaks for itself and should never b questioned. People still bring up the glazers fucking get over yourself they have been in charge for the best part of 10 years and in that time Rooney has earnt some great onners and won plenty of winners medals. We have no define right to win everything and with the spending power of Chelsea and city and know poss arsenal we should just embrace what we have achieved in the last 20 years and look forward to the future. Wayne cant have it both ways i. 1 hand demands class players should b brought in? And in the other moan coss he pushed out? Don’t get mi wrong on his day he still gets mi on the edge of mi seat and hes still got a good 4 tears to give but unlike Scholes and gighs and the nevllies hi heart is not just about playing for united hes getting to big for his booots. This is a big transition for united and we need everyone on board coss this season i believe is gonna b the bigfest in the history for united and the premier league and we don’t need needless tention or bad moral by someone who earns in a week which tales mi 12 years to earn and helps pay his wages??/

Well i was texting that while at work and when u trying to do it fast didn’t hae time to correct mistakes but main thing is u understand what it said

Yes we care. Rooney is a Legend just check his stats. He has always given his ALL but it’s funny how fast “fans” turn their back and forget.

IM not turning mi back on him i e been a united fan since 1984 that’s 29 years and over that time ive seen some of the most influential players come and go. Hughes, Robson, maclaire, Bruce, pallister, Keane, cantona, nistlerooy, Cole York, solskear, beckam ro also and know Rooney, all have gone bar 1, but the united engine still running strong? All im saying is i respect all those players and more for hat the done for united, but at end of the day when the seemed to have served there purpose they were let go and some of the as far as is fans were concerned still had something to give. But sir Alex let them go and moved on because he believed that he had got there best out of them. And i don’t think we ever gonna c the performances that Wayne use to give. So if that’s the case then u replace him as simple as that

All you people saying sell Wayne and buy lewandoski a player who admits that he only likes to spend two seasons at a club are crazy if Wayne does leave play kagawa in am and buy a world class cm and two good wingers nani and young should be sold i would keep Anderson cos if we can keep him fit he will show the class that he has he is a mid that likes to run with the ball and he can tackle

When something like this happens everyone is quick enough to slate the player and quickly forget the winning 110% performances put in by the player,you don’t know what’s gone on behind closed doors like alot of top players e.g van nistlerooy,Beckham,kancchelskis,Whiteside,berbatov,Ronaldo all players playing well at the time you would think the gaffer would want to keep hold ov????so lets go back to Rooney uniteds talisman for so many years,gets hardly played in the right possition,becomes 2nd fiddle to a new striker,then dropped for uniteds biggest game of the season yeah id be pretty pissed off to!!

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