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Manchester United release nine players, will Nani be the tenth?

Manchester United have released, up to now nine players that will no longer be on the books or payroll as of next season.

The Barclays Premier League Champions release eight players from their reserve and academy levels and the most prestigious name on the list is Manchester United legend Paul Scholes who announced his retirement at the end of last season.

The list of United players that have been released which will be made formally on 1st July 2013 are:

  • Paul Scholes
  • Michele Fornasier
  • Frederico Veseli
  • Luke Giverin
  • Reece Brown
  • Luke Hendrie
  • John Cofie
  • Luke McCullough
  • Gyliano van Velzen


As the rumours continue to roll about the future of Luis Nani, he could be the 10th on the list as Manchester United turn down a £6million bid from Galatasaray as they are aiming to get at least £8million for the Portuguese winger. A figure which Galatasaray are not willing to front.

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10 replies on “Manchester United release nine players, will Nani be the tenth?”

I think it is baffling how we could pay 16mil+ for Young and we are prepared to let Nani go for less than that amount, I do not know what wages both are on but I would imagine that Young would be on more as he was an established player at Villa when he signed. Even with limited performances this season Nani has looked more than twice the player that Young is and the cup games against Chelsea and Reading he was the best player on the pitch. Fergie unduly criticised him after the Chelsea game and yet has given free rides to Giggs and Rooney for the past season and a half when they have been liabilites in the side. I will be amazed if Giggs is deployed in a central position by Moyes in the coming season.

I know SAF was a great manager but in the last two years he seemed either reluctant or was unable to see the clear shortfall in our midfielders. Nani has not been good for a long time but then neither has the rest except Carrick and Phil Jones on occasion. I also think his stubborness was the reason we lost Pogba, so if Moyes can improve our midfield then the team should be in with a great chance for honours this season again seeing as we have been winning with a weak midfield.

We should at least be looking to get 10 million for Nani, otherwise keep him and let him go on a free, we all know he has bags and bags of talent. I know hes very inconsistent and so frustrating but he needs a longer run in the team and injury free. I’d prefer to see him leave for free next summer then 6 million now, it’s not even worth it. Don’t forget only 2-3 seasons ago he was voted fans player of the year……ironic Valencia was too and hes turned s**t too but players need to be given more time imo

Its so painful to see nani going for that less. i think it will be a good deal to keep the boy. he is to far better than valencia and young. its just unfortunate that sir alex didnt favour him and i saw him winning us the game against madrid if he would have not been sent off. i want him to remine in EPLso he hunt us..the boy is talent and he just need support.

There’s no consistency from any of our 3 main wingers, the 2 full backs have looked more threatening going forward.

Release Young and Valencia, keep Nani, support him he is a wonderful talent. I know Sir is a very wonderful Manager but in the last two to three seasons, I have had course to complain about his tactics and attitude. Poga going is one, lack of support for Nani, signing Bebe all in all I still respect him but Nani should not go.

who says Nani is not good and for that matter he should walk away for that cheap price tag, well it’s good to think this issue over once more, we will regret it one day to see our man play in a different shirt possibly against our beloved red devil team, i think Valencia is not better to wear the seven shirt, nani can shoot with both legs compared with Valencia why not drop him and let nani go?

Been a Manu supporter for nigh on 55 years and here are my thoughts on the current squad…fer what they are worth…lol.. !

Moyes could do a lot worse than promote some of those award winning U21s that every bangs on about.
How about playing Tunnicliffe…..the kid has played his heart out fer the U21s and dragged the others with him.Its ok talking about Januze has everyone forgotten what Fergie did to Rossi / Chester / McShane / Bardsley et al…? Sometimes wonder why any kid comes to us.
Get some those youngsters into the 1st team and do as you keep telling us Fergie used to..!!

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