Are supplements safe?

This past decade, there has been quite a lot of bad press about the pills and extra supplements taken by athletes to help them improve their performances during competitions. Most of it was about the use of steroids, well known by some bodybuilders who took them to build muscle more quickly. This press stated for a long time that all these products which could help to increase performance, muscle growth or recovery were really dangerous for your health making these products become really controlled and repressed.

However, this press repressing for years the extra supplements used by athletes drive us to view in a bad way even the supplements composed of natural substances, which leads us to this question : are supplements safe to be used at a professional level? Obviously, after the scandals of steroids use, everybody can ask this question. It is important to keep in mind that supplements are all already present in our body at a certain level, the aim of the intake of extra supplements is to increase the natural level of these supplements already present, to help to increase your performance during your training.


Obviously, because you are taking this supplement you have to follow guidelines and have to be careful about the recommended amount to take a day, even if these substances are already present in your body. The fact that it is already present in your body doesn’t mean it can’t have bad effects if you take too much of it, even though it can’t be as bad as someone who takes too much steroids. Guidelines are also important to know when it’s the best time to take these supplements to make sure you make the most of it, it would be pointless to take them when your body doesn’t need it. For example, you can take even the best protein, but if you don’t work out after, it won’t help your muscle growth and will be wasted, so you have to make sure to take the right amount of protein just before you start your training.

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