Sir Alex Ferguson praises David Beckham's career

Sir Alex Ferguson has come out on the eve of his own retirement, with a glowing testament to former red David Beckham. 

David Beckham became the only Englishman to win four different league titles with Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint Germain.

Last night Beckham played his final match for PSG, with emotional scenes towards the end as he was substituted

Sir Alex has now paid tribute to David Beckham and joked about the multiple retirement declarations.

Speaking with, Sir Alex Ferguson said:

“It’s catching fire – these retirements

“He’s had a great career, David, and it’s amazing how he has from every sort of different way reinvented himself. Going to America, many thought it was the end of his career but he came back played for England, Milan and PSG.

“The one thing he always had was fantastic stamina. As a young boy, he had the best stamina in the club. All the figures in terms of endurance that we used to do, he was always ahead of everyone else.”

Manchester United sold David Beckham to Real Madrid after the famous kicking of a boot by Sir Alex Ferguson hit Beckham in the face, many things lead to Beckham leaving United but this did not help matters, but have since patched up their differences.

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eva since i was a child d name david beckam had bin dia,wonder hw it cud escape my litle memory,a lot of tym it rang millions of sounds in my litle member dat receives millions of messages at a go. Beck u re an icon,a talisman,a maestro and 2crown it al a legend u’r.we wil mis u.

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