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Who will David Moyes sign first: Fellaini, Falcao, Lewandowski or Ronaldo?

How Moyes will make his mark in the transfer market this summer: Fellaini, Falcao, Lewandowski or Ronaldo?

Understandably, focus this past week has been set on Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement and the state of the club he leaves behind. Wayne Rooney currently exists in limbo somewhere between the exit door and the Priory; transfer request in hand with a trail of junk food, fag butts and empty cans left in his wake. Meanwhile speculation over the health of transfer kitty has seen question marks and price tags plastered across the majority of the squad.

With the emotions of Sunday’s home farewell against Swansea City now out of the way, attentions can begin to turn towards how David Moyes will stamp his mark on Manchester United this summer, both tactically and in the transfer market.

Fellaini offers options to the midfield

Michael Carrick has long been the most overworked and, until recently, under loved player in top-flight football. At times he has performed like a one-man midfield for Manchester United, intercepting, retaining possession, starting attacks and even delivering the final ball to the flanks and forward line.

Fellaini has been David Moyes’ most successful signing while at Everton, fulfilling multiple roles to great effect across the team. While some have scoffed at the idea of bringing in the gangly Belgian as a replacement for Rooney, his true value would lie in becoming a partner and rotating back up to Carrick.

With Fellaini sitting deep and playing defensively, the likes of Tom Cleverley and Anderson can drive forward in confidence that the space behind them is covered. Alternatively, playing in place of Carrick at the centre of the park the sky-scraping midfielder can fight for the ball and cause havoc with his awkward frame by stepping up field when required.

His arrival could also free up Phil Jones to focus on developing into a first choice centre-back, with Fellaini able to screen the back four and harass specific opposition players as required, although he does lack the hyperactive energy levels of United’s current utility man.

Lewandowski, Falcao or Benteke to lead the line

Moyes’ record with strikers is patchy at best, but as Pat Nevin stated in a piece for BBC Sport, at Everton he never had the funds of opportunity to sign a frontman of real class and ability due to their high market price.

At United this summer, Moyes could well have the money to bring in a more traditional Number Nine style player to add a new dimension to the frontline.

falcao-to-manchester-united-Falcao would likely be the most expensive target but arguably the most lethal in front of goal, yet at 27 he is perhaps too close to 30 – and Robin van Persie’s age – to be a worthwhile investment. With Monaco having apparently already agreed a fee, any opportunity to sign the Colombian may have already passed.

Robert Lewandowski would be an interesting acquisition if his gaze could be drawn away from his likely suitors, Bayern Munich. Tall and powerful, yet technical, he is adept with the ball in the air or on the floor, finishing chances for himself or creating for others, and has been one of the stars of the Champions League this year at the age of 24. His combination with Shinji Kagawa during the Japanese’s time at Dortmund played a huge part in delivering a league-cup double for Jurgen Klopp’s side in 2012, and a reunion at Old Trafford would be likely offer handsome returns.

A more affordable option may be Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke, who has lit up the Premier League in his debut season in England. Physically imposing yet skilled on the ball, and aged only 22, he would be a signing full of potential yet also able to contribute almost immediately to the challenge of beginning the post-Ferguson era with silverware.

Signing another striker would clearly put pressure on van Persie’s position in the team, but with the Dutchman reaching 30 in August and able to offer far more than just goals, a back up could be a wise purchase. Playing through channels, van Persie could form a formidable trio alongside Kagawa and a more foreboding presence up front. With Danny Welbeck able to play in the hole, on the flanks or up front, the development of the young Englishman wouldn’t be stunted, while Hernandez will have to decide whether he can accept his super-sub role long-term. Unfortunately for the Mexican, his approach play remains a level below what is required of a starting Manchester United frontman.

Baines an obvious choice, but what about Fabio, Büttner and Evra?

After Fellaini, Leighton Baines has become David Moyes’ most recognisable and celebrated import for Everton, and the left-back could also soon be on his way to Old Trafford, after having been a target for Sir Alex for the last two summers at least.

alexander-buttner-vs-clujHis arrival may see Fabio da Silva loaned out again or even sold, with Alexander Büttner likely needing to seek appearances in left-wing positions further forward to supplement his chances at fullback.

Should Moyes purchase a line leading striker as suggested above, Baines’ crossing would be a powerful new weapon in United’s arsenal, while Evra would offer an alternative threat down the left with his dribbling, box-to-box presence. At 31 though the Frenchman cannot keep playing in such a high-fitness role week-in, week-out forever, and his defensive game has already suffered due to his inability to play three roles down the flank in recent years.

Baines would add security to the left-back position while giving the team a different variety of threat from deep, but all eyes will be on Fabio to see if he can force his way into the team to imitate the progress of his brother, Rafael.

Zaha already on his way; Rooney could stay

While title number 20 was won in style at times this year, as the season progressed magic became hard to find out on the flanks. Nani, Valencia and Young – through injury, confidence and form – all failed to live up to their billing and faded as the months drew on. As Sir Alex Ferguson’s final signing, Wilfried Zaha, will sadly never experience playing under the man who brought him to Manchester, but he could well be the refreshing new addition United’s wing play has been crying out for of late.

zahaMuch has been made of David Moyes’ past relationship and experience in dealing with Wayne Rooney, who was given his professional debut at the age of 16 by the Everton boss. All is not well with the England striker-cum-midfielder, who is reportedly seeking a fresh start elsewhere. The arrival of a new regime at the club may yet be the change of scenery he craves, but the player’s true problems lie closer to home. With rumours rife of arrivals to training drunk, bust ups with team mates, chain smoking and self-evident weight problems caused by a damaging diet of deep fried fast food, Rooney must face the challenges within himself rather than seek to run away and escape by finding new quarrels elsewhere.

Having shown his ability to deliver balls from deep and patrol the middle of the field, now may be the time to drop back permanently and transition into becoming a midfielder like Giggs before him. Whether he has the professionalism off the field or desire on it to make such a sift work is another story. The smiles that were once a feature of his on-field demeanour have faded in place of disgruntlement and sadness though, and if Rooney can no longer find happiness in his football, it is perhaps time to cash in and let him go. With Shinji Kagawa United have the ideal Number 10 to build their future attack around in his absence.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Could the Portuguese be on his way back to Manchester United?

ronaldo-vs-manchester-unitedWhen it comes to Ronaldo, all bets are off. Would he fit into the team? Could he damage the contributions of other players? Do United have the finances to bring him back and keep him?

Re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo would go a long way to dismissing any talk of low ambition when it comes to David Moyes’ appointment, but the Real Madrid star is far from a instant-win solution to get United back into the Champions League saddle. Much has changed since his departure in 2009, with the former winger becoming a much more direct athlete while United have shifted towards tactics that rely on collective teamwork rather than specialist individuals.

If Ronaldo were to return then a striker may not be necessary; he may even feature up front as a danger man in the air, on the ground and on the break.

Who would you like David Moyes to bring into Manchester United?

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29 replies on “Who will David Moyes sign first: Fellaini, Falcao, Lewandowski or Ronaldo?”

David moyes is a brilliant manager but I hope to god he doesn’t bring any of his Everton players with him: over rated players in a subpar squad crippled by finances. As for transfers we need to lose alot of deadweight and old guard players like nani(£25m) young(£20) Valencia(£25-30) ando Rooney(£35) Ferdinand(trade) Evans(£10) and evra(£5-10) = approx £100-130 mil plus our kitty to spend. We are starting a new era at Mufc and need a new team for this we supposedly already have a nani for marchisio trade lined up so there’s your defensive midfield enforcer. I think if Tott miss out on the ucl we should try a Valencia+£35 for Bale and then Rooney or chich and £35-40 for Cr7 and go get a new CB to replace Evans and Ferdinand. Dream XI for next year 4-1-3-2
De gea
Rafael vidic jones Büttner
Bale/zaha marchisio/carrick(CDM) Cr7
Kagawa at cam
Rvp/lewandowski/welbeck up top.

Those are some pretty generous valuations there. £75m for Nani, Ashley Young and Valencia? You’re out of your mind.
I would expect any major transition to come next season once Moyes has had a chance to work with the current squad, with just a few acquisitions this summer to strengthen major areas.

I agree with all of u but the problem is Man Utd do not have a good keeper there main eye should be on replacing De Gea and lindergad because man utd have had really low clean sheets .de gea makes good stops but his catches are poo and he is really short .Since Van Der Sar retired United have been really poor saving goals I think they should put there money on Lloris the French keeper and keep de gea as the second keeper and get rid of lindergad

Aroosh Singh

De Gea is short? And you want to replace him with Lloris? You seriously Think Lloris is taller than De Gea?
De Gea is twice the keeper Lloris is.

In David We Trust
End of.

Im sorry but do you seriously think we could get that much for young, nani and Valencia?? Also Evans has improved dramatically this season, and rio has been class!
Have you been watching the same united as the rest of us this season?

Matta from Chelsea to replace Scholes £35m. Anybody know where to bet on this?

Just seen Hernandez play best bit of football I have seen all season. Play played well passed him and defender he stopped, waited a split second for the defender to stop, turn his head and Hernandez was off like a rocket, Chased the ball down and crossed for Kagwaga goal. Sneaky but brilliant

fuck ur rumours Cris love Fergue and the club too so I dont think Firgue has gone and cris will seat like goat……….
He is not happy in Madrid and not winning any cups or trophies He will come back to Man United

How can you say that Hernandez is not up to the level when the guy scores every time he plays and never has the opportunity to play an entire game? The guy is a beast, a predator, give him a chance to play and he will score a hat trick every game. He does not play because he only cost United a few pounds.

De Gea’s not good enough??? Remember he made team of the year ahead of Lloris for a reason. I may be wrong but didn’t De Gea have more clean sheets than anyone else in the prem this year?

Nani needs to jog on because he is awful 98% of the time. He can take Anderson, büttner, lindegaard, cleverley, young and Rooney with him as well.
Would rather keep Rooney but if he wants to go he should he is the most over rated over paid player in England and if he was from Mozambique and not England he wouldn’t be such a big deal.

CR7 is not going to happen but Bale just might. Bring him and Sandro from spurs and we are sorted. Please no Everton players! If we sign Felliani and baines we may as well take Osman and Anichebe as well

I’m sure there was something about Wanyama being lined up as DM?
However although we don’t need major re-inforcements, a midfielder to replace the outgoing Scholes and should Rooney go, then a striker to replace him. Don’t think we’ll get Bale or Ronaldo. Falcao is too expensive for a 27yr old. Kagawa is going to be a big player for us next season I’m sure. Don’t know if anyone agrees but I think getting Fabregas wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Fabregas is a good shout! Zaha will improve our flanks as we’ve been poor out wide this year, but i watch Celtic regularly and wanyama is probably the most overrated player in Britain atm

Look at the first minutes of the game vs Swansea…Hernandez and Van Persie were wreaking havoc in the opponent’s defense with their movement. This two can do some damage.

Fabregas would be a great acquisition as he fits into the philosophy of the way Utd play and was probably the best midfielder in the premier league before he left, if the price tag is 20mil then he represents excellent value compared to someone untried in the premier league who may cost a similar amount. If Rooney leaves then that should mean a lot of game time for Chica and Danny boy to continue their improvement and have Henriquez on the bench and we only have to look at Schevchenko and Torres to see that a lot of money can be wasted on a player who cannot adapt to a new club.

Utd need a class defensive m/fielder, a replacement for ferdinand/vidic ,a quick skillfull m/fielder in the mata/silva mold and a striker to take the burden off v.persie. My choices; Wanyama, modric or fabregas,m-indi or de vrij and either benteke or benzema.

personally, I think CR7 is not reli worth it, coz he will be 29 next year, and 60m for him will be too much…..i think if we spend around 30m plus nani for gareth bale (23 years old), valencia/zaha operating on the right will be fine.

if rooney goes, i think we can get around 30m from him, then we can buy fabregas (he can hav a great partnership with van persie), and the glazers can spend big to buy both fellaini and baines from everton, and sell anderson as well……. spending 70m in total, and receiving around 45m back, so the formation will be 4-2-3-1

De gea
raphael-ferdinand- vidic-baines/evra
van persie

wt do u guys think??

Cr7 and fellaine are enough. We dnt need too much change. Now that gotze is gone why dont we also buy myb jose calejon

Ok, let’s aim for Europe here and avoid flukes. We need another reliable striker so Lewandowski should come since Falcao is too expensive and probably already moved, our wings are weak and lack creativity, so we should bring Bale and not rely only on our npower wonder boy Zaha, Fellaini on midfield the help out Carrick but only if he comes in on a pocket friendly fee and on the back we need another LB such as Baines. I wouldn’t bet a lot on CR7 because he’s very expensive and all this rumors are just that, so let’s stop trying to bring him back he will come if he wants to. My perfect XI -> 4-1-3-1-1

De Gea;
Rafael;Vidic;Ferdinand(Phil Jones);Baines

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