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Sir Alex Ferguson has no plans to sell this summer

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has already confirmed that the club have a few ideas in mind for the summer ‘bringing in one or two bodies’ into the squad.

But the United boss wouldn’t like to lose any current players in the squad…

Many Manchester United fans would agree that a few players are surplus to the teams requirements, including both Luis Nani and Anderson.

Nani, who’s contract is set to end in the summer of 2014 has not started any contract calls with United as yet, but Sir Alex insists that he is going nowhere..

Speaking at the weekly press conference, Sir Alex Ferguson said:

“We have no plans to sell anyone

“That’s a fact. There is no need for us to sell anyone. Nani played last week at Arsenal and he did well.

“When he is in form there are very few better than him. So I think we will bring him back in pre-season training and he will be all right.”


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2 replies on “Sir Alex Ferguson has no plans to sell this summer”

We better not lose those two. Top players at a top club who should realise that they deserve to be there.

I hope Nani stays, with him and Zaha working in on the wings next season and swapping at will because both are two footed then we should be a lot less predictable than Young always cutting in from the left and Valencia incapable of cutting in from the right. Bayern were a joy to watch and are the best team in Europe and that is partly due to having two brilliant wingers who are unpredicitable.

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