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Faustino Asprilla tells Falcao to join Manchester United

Faustino ‘Tino’ Asprilla has told Falcao that he should move to Manchester United.

Over the past few months Radamel Falcao has been linked with many clubs but Manchester United seem to be high on the list of those that are interested.

Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain and FC Barcelona are said to be interested in 27-year-old Falcao, and after asking for advice Asprilla has suggested that he made the move to Old Trafford if he wants to win trophies.

Today’s quotes from Asprilla are from the Daily Mail and are as follows:

‘We were talking and he asked me my opinion on who he should join. He knows that every big club in the world wants him.

He is not a player motivated by money – what he wants is somewhere that his family will be happy and where he will have success.

‘With teams like Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City they have good times then they have bad times – that is why I told him he must choose Manchester United.

Every season they are challenging – and if he wants success that is where I have told him to go.

‘Also they don’t have all the behaviour away from the field – with changing coaches every season.

They are steady in all that they do – and a well run club at every level. He is a real family guy – and Radamel will appreciate that and the way that Sir Alex Ferguson protects his players like family.’

Asprilla also goes on to say that Manchester United would be ‘unstoppable’ up-front with a Falcao and van Persie partnership.

He added:

‘It is difficult for me to explain how good he is – he is the best finisher in the world. The only striker who has played in the Premier League who is on his finishing level is Alan Shearer.

‘If he signs for Manchester United – he would be their missing piece in the Champions League.

Robin van Persie and Radamel [Falcao] would be unstoppable.’

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6 replies on “Faustino Asprilla tells Falcao to join Manchester United”

It was nice of Asprilla to speak so highly of Man Utd. I don’t see Falcao joining sadly, despite his efforts. It looks clear he will cost a high amount and it seems he is set for Chelsea.

He is prob in the top 3 strikers in the world but I think the money would be better spent on the midfield,Anderson and bank look set to leave and can’t really see a comeback by Fletcher so 2 replacements will be needed

A well respected Spanish tv pundit has said that Utd had put a down payment on him but it is starting to get into silly season and any thing that has Utd linked to it sells newspapers and gets hits on its site so there is going to be a lot more of this, I have to say that the no.9 jersey has been vacant since Berba left and it will be interesting to see who is wearing it next season.

ManU with Falcao,its will be superb,dis Man is the best finisher in the world,so united 9 jersey is for Falcao,trust me!!!

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