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Michael Carrick - The Best Forward Passer In Europe

Michael Carrick has undoubtedly been one of Manchester United’s players of the season, also picking up a nomination for the PFA Player of the Year award.

Today, according to statistics released by Squawka, reveals that Carrick himself is the best forward passer in the whole of Europe.

Carrick, who is now 31, has been absolutely outstanding this term and slowly has become a fans favourite although it did take a long time coming for Carrick to get the plaudits from various members of the media.

The latest statistics that have been released revealed that Carrick has passed the ball 1534 times.

The closest rival to Michael Carrick thus far in the 12/13 season is Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta who has made 1376 passes closely followed by Barcelona’s Xavi with 1318.

Total passes completed:

Top 10 forward passers in Europe

1. Michael Carrick (Manchester United)
2. Mikel Arteta (Arsenal)
3. Xavi (Barcelona)
4. Dante (Bayern Munich)
5. Andrea Pirlo (Juventus)
6. Sergio Busquets (Barcelona)
7. Aurelien Chedjou (Lille)
8. Yaya Toure (Manchester City)
9. Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus)
10. Santiago Cazorla (Arsenal)

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11 replies on “Michael Carrick - The Best Forward Passer In Europe”

Tell the whole story, not just the parts that make him look good, his average pass distance is 19m.
Defensive actions 5, Defensive errors 4

Appearances 32, Chances created 34

That is poor by any midfielders stats, you need to take a look at his chalkboards, stats do not tell the whole story his short range passing is at it says 88% accurate, but he makes very few long passes of the Scholes type, and then a forward pass only has to be a yard forwards, but it is to all purposes a sideways pass.

Plus an average of 1 chance per game created, is very poor.

If you think Carrick’s performance this season is ‘very poor’, that practically means United midfield all have done crap, and we still sit comfortably on top of the table.
It’s not only his passes that sums his performances up. He’s a good intercepter, and holds the ball well for the whole team to move forward.
Yes, we do need a goal-scoring and a much more creative centre-midfielder (like Scholes, Lampard, Xavi, Pirlo) right now. But Carrick has been sensational this season, can’t really label him as ‘very poor’

I am a diehard Man Utd fan and yet I never liked Carrick. He almost never makes a through pass, or a defence splitting pass. Hardly see him makes a hard sliding tackle.

He does have very good positional sense and makes the simple pass looks very simple, and does a shit load of it. He keeps it simple and ticking in the middle.

Well, I’m not expecting a Keano or Hargreaves. In his best days, he’ll still nothing compared to Scholes. His style slows down our game considerable. We need somebody who can do the long accurate balls like Scholes. That dreadful lack of urgency and pace reduces the effectiveness of our wing play. He lacks aggression, forward vision in his play.

While he may be good enough to get a premiership medal, he’s definitely not good enough to bring us to another level. I’d take Lampard over him any day.

Statistic aside, do you think he comes anywhere close to Xavi? Not a chance in hell.

You are on crack….try watching a United game. Carrick has the best vision I have seen from a midfielder in a long time. He makes passes look easy because he is world class, passes that I would never see or even think to make. Try watching some of his assists to Chicharito, RVP, and Rooney this season….let alone to Ronaldo and company throughout his United career.

PS – Watch his goals against AS Roma 06-07 Champions League Quarter Finals …simply beautiful, keeper never moves on both goals

Good to see mikel artata below Carrick…he have be really good and solid for the gunners and its not easy to convert a play to were he is not use to and still performed well. Kudos to wenger and mikel artata

Micheal carrick un doubtedly have been asenstional prayer since joining united people have never noticed his role in da midfield coz he uses more of his knowledge capabilities than power ,that iz his passing skills , creating chances for the team breaking moves of other opponents . its valid to say that agood deep lying midfield prayer like carrick , da pivotal knowledge he uses to stump da passes of da oponents and da quick recovery of play when united regains da ball puts him at da forefront than any other prayer in da premiership, he has an eye to read da game and wage long passes to da both wings of da pitch to open da pray 4 his team , he iz rily exceptional , people should believe and consider da stats valid for him unless if sb is blind on united games ever

Of cos his ability create space and read the opponents passes has helped him so much ,he has pinpoint passes , he. Makes things easy for the team

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