PICTURE: Wheels come off Manchester City's season, literally!

As Manchester United go into the final 8 games of the Barclays Premier League season 15-points clear of rivals Manchester City have the wheels come off for the blues? Well today the wheels really came off for one fan……

Back in 2011 two die-hard Manchester City fans spent £50,000 customising an old Chevrolet convertible car to use traveling to away matches.

Today, on the day where Carlos Tevez was ordered to do 250-hours community service for driving while banned, their car was pictured on the side of the road in Manchester with the wheel off and the pair struggling to get going again, just like Manchester City’s season.


Manchester City

Manchester United face Manchester City at Old Trafford on Monday night, the reds will be keen to wrap up the season and get revenge for last season’s 6-1 defeat.

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3 replies on “PICTURE: Wheels come off Manchester City's season, literally!”

Of course you dont need wheels on the zimmer frames some of your youngsters (Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Carrick, Vidic, van Persie, Evra) need.

dagenham dan lol wot part of manc is that you plastic?

why r you listing our experienced winners anyway? who each as individuals have got more trophies than stockport bitters have in their entire history.

forever in our shadow

How is that literal at all? Does City’s season have physical wheels to come off even? No. Another example of shoddy English inappropriately used in an attempt to sound intelligent.

Also this is not news… Why has an article been made?

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