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Report: How did our Reds do on the International break?

Manchester United came out on top during the international break with many of their squad members ending up on the score-sheet.

On Tuesday night, Roy Hodgson chose 5 Manchester United players to start against Montenegro in a game which saw Wayne Rooney find the back of the net but England could not get all three-point as held to a draw.

Robin van Persie scored 3 times during the break, overtaking John Cruyff’s international goal-scoring record.

Check out the stats and videos below from the international break:

Wayne Rooney – England
2 Goals, 1 Assist

Ashley Young – England
1 Goal, 1 Assist

Javier Hernandez – Mexico
2 Goals

Robin van Persie – Holland
3 Goals, 3 Assists

Antonio Valencia – Ecuador
3 Assists

Shinji Kagawa – Japan
1 Goal

Wilfried Zaha – England U21s
1 Goal

No goals or assists:

Danny Welbeck – England
Played 90-minutes for England against Montenegro.

Tom Cleverley – England
Received his 8th England cap against Montenegro in central-midfield alongside captain Steven Gerrard.

Michael Carrick – England
Played 90-minutes for England against Montenegro.

Chris Smalling – England
Played 90-minutes for England against Montenegro.

David De Gea – Spain
Was an un-used substitute in Spain’s 1-0 victory over France.

Patrice Evra – France
Played 90-minutes for France against Spain.

Jonny Evans – Northern Ireland
Played 90-minutes for Northern Ireland in their 2-2 draw with Austria.

Videos from the International Break:

Wayne Rooney goal for England vs Montenegro

Ashley Young goal for England vs San Marino

Javier Hernandez brace for Mexico vs Honduras

Robin van Persie goal for Holland vs Romania

Shinji Kagawa goal for Japan vs Jordan

Wilfried Zaha goal for England U21s vs Romania

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7 replies on “Report: How did our Reds do on the International break?”

Chicharito got 2 goals feller, you made an error putting 3.

Great seeing Chicha, Rooney & RVP score, not surprised that flopbeck did absoulutely nothing as usual. I jsut dont see what others ee in the kid as I now think he is just a god awful player who brings nothing and dont say he “runs” or he brings “energy” because when ever he does either he is like a headless chicken…..and yet for some reason the far suerior Chicha is getting less games when he is a world class goal machine who terrorizes opponents.

Fully agree that chicha should used alot more and really not happy about the transfer speculation with athletico m, proper angers me, 30 in 45, that’s three goals every 4 games for fuck sake, and another comparison with ole gunnar, he keeps his head down and mouth shut, needsore games, welbeck offers somthing different, the guy terrorised real, and is doi g the dirty work, gel score when its needed and in abundance too, bieng a fan as well as a player he understands the tactical side and id I’ve noticed when the goals ain’t coming from Rooney, van p and chicha, he will stick em in, pure class of U ask me, sacrificing personal glory for team results

Not that bieng a fan would make u more tactically estute, he’s just more willing to do the dirty work. To get the result, he’s still young and has years of development to come, and most european clubs would gladly pay 20m for his services, especially the spanish

And those Bambi legs of his are long gone, y can’t people c this, every one has the right to there own opinion but need to take in to consideration his all round game, not just his goals, he’s obviously overtaken Rooney as our best 1st line of defence, wich is under rated and a hugeust in European games, give him time and watch him flourish

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