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PICTURES: Ronaldo and Real Madrid arrive into Manchester

Real Madrid have arrived into Manchester a day earlier than expected in preparation for the game of the round against Manchester United.

Ronaldo and team mates arrived into Manchester airport late on Sunday night and are staying at the Hilton hotel on Deansgate for the next few nights before returning to Madrid directly after the match on Tuesday.

On Monday, Real Madrid have chosen to train at the Etihad Stadium rather than Old Trafford. Media training for Madrid will take place at 3pm GMT on Monday afternoon.

Below, see exclusive photographs of the Real Madrid squad arriving into Manchester:

CristianoRonaldo CristianoRonaldo3 CristianoRonaldo6 AlvaroArbeloa JoseMourinho

Pictures above courtesy of Matthew McNulty / @MattMc_7


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15 replies on “PICTURES: Ronaldo and Real Madrid arrive into Manchester”

“The most successful football club in the English top flight”

Come back when you’ve got 5, though you’re in with a chance of getting No.4 if you can get past Real. Good Luck!

That sounds very familiar to the “come back when you’ve won 18” banner… Always harping on about past glories. It’s your year next year?! Never learn!

How about you come back when you have 20? Nice gesture though to wish us good luck. When ANY English / British team plays in the ECL I wish them well and hope they are successful.

Unfortunately though there can only be one winner. Last year I rejoiced when Chelsea won, as I did for all of Liverpool’s 5 victories so I guess I’m just a 71 year old who enjoys his football, especially if it concerns the team I’ve followed / supported for 66 years, Manchester United.

Enjoy the match lads.

Bred Red. (Ex Salfordian.)

I bet you scouse pricks are wondering when you will play in the champions league again!!!! You can stuff your barbed good luck comments where the sun dont shine!!!!

Scouse twat, it’s most likely we will get it to number 4 and number 5 in the next decade, but i’m not so sure you’ll even make it in the top 4 in PL again 😉

@lfc we don’t need luck your pathetic team needs luck mid table team that’s all Liverpool are kiss goodbye to the champions league from now on if it wernt for Suarez you’d be playing in the championship next season

Man utd will win tomorrow ,and your loverfool fans , utd are the best we don’t talk about the past talk about , loverfool playing for what nothing this year ,I’m sure ul get more joy talking about the best utd

kip d comments cumin cuz it’ll b f**kin borin witout ’em,luv u haters. utd =>treble(ucl-epl-fa)utd 4 life

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