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VIDEO: Manchester United leaked home shirt for 2013 / 2014

Manchester United Home Shirt 2013 / 2014

The following video has been leaked around the internet showing the brand new Manchester United home kit for the 2013 / 2014 season and we have to say, it is a very nice simple design.

The Official date for the Manchester United kit launch is Thursday 6th June 2013.


manchester_united_kit_2013_2014_1 manchester_united_kit_2013_2014_2



manchester_united_kit_2013_2014_5 manchester_united_kit_2013_2014_6

The 2013 / 2014 season will be the last one in which AoN will be Official sponsors of Manchester United’s kits, directly from the 2014 / 2015 season car manufacturer Chevrolet will be taking over in a £357million deal that will run until the summer of 2021.

Chevrolet Manchester United

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14 replies on “VIDEO: Manchester United leaked home shirt for 2013 / 2014”

I like it, the black collar is a nice change. would of like to see a bit of black on the end of the sleeves though. Not to sure regarding the idea behind buttoning in the collar at the back if the shirt also.

Please make a better kit. I’m definately not going to buy da shirt. Make a better design. Get sum tips from Chelsea. And please remove the buttons from the shirt. These shirts are for soccer players not golfers!!!

All these ridiculous comments wanting a better designed kit. Check the history books, only way we will get a nice lookin kit is by changing over to Adidas that is a fact.

i love this kit, and in general all Manchester United kits, the reason is because our club kits distinguish because of their elegance, we play such an elegant game, our kits all seasons reflect the kind of club we are, we are an elegant and classy club, with history and present for decades and decades! Glory Glory Man United

i don’t really like this 2014 kit… i LOVED ac milan’s current kit tho. that’s a much better jersey with collars, unlike what man utd had for collars in the prev few seasons and this supposed next season’s. but this year’s white away kit is pure class – no one will disagree…

Not great… Agree with the earlier comment about Adidas kits. The only way our generally poor kits if recent years will improve is if we go back to Adidas like the 80’s/early 90’s kits.

Only decent shirts recently have been 2008 both the home and away (Black) shirts

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