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Rooney defends Danny Welbeck

After his match winning goal against Fulham on the weekend, Wayne Rooney was quick to defend team-mate Danny Welbeck after recent criticism on his poor goal scoring record this season.

Welbeck has failed to find the back of the net since October 2012 when he netted against Stoke City, he has since made 27 appearances without finding the back of the net, all be it mostly being played out of his preferred position.

Rooney has however, dismissed concerns and highlighted his work rate on and off the pitch.

Speaking with, Rooney said:

“We’re not too concerned about him not scoring too many this season, he’s a fantastic player who works hard and brings a lot of energy to the team.

“He hasn’t been playing up front a lot – he’s been playing out wide. He’s been doing a job for the team, which, as players, we’re all grateful for.”

Rooney has scored 10 goals in his last 10 games for United, but recalls receiving similar criticism about his goalscoring in the past, he recalled:

“Everyone labels Danny as a striker and I have had that at times when I have played in different positions. Someone will bring up the fact that I haven’t scored for eight games when I hadn’t played up front!

“Danny has been out wide a lot this season. He is a great player and his time will come when he gets that run up front. I am sure then he will score goals.”

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3 replies on “Rooney defends Danny Welbeck”

“wazza” is spot on about “welbz”….1 goal in almost a full season is a fantastic return…it is nigh on impossible to score from the wing….or indeed the on the left or right of a front three..ronaldos old position at united…lets judge “welbz” on last seasons return where he played virtually every game up front…..40?? 30?? 20?? 15?? nope a massive 12……..the same scored by chica last year who supposedly had a dreadful season and was injured quite a lot………..i would love too know what i am missing with “welbz” and his “mad skills” but myself and everyone else in the ground just cannot see it!! and yet he is hailed as the next van basten…lets not forget tho he is “developing” yes thats right “developing” aged 22 after playing a full season for sunderland and united before this season…and 1 goal is the return…..1 goal……..i will repeat that….1 goal…….but hey he runs around like an headless chicken…..the only pre requisite of the modern english footballer…..

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