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Sir Alex Ferguson fuming with referee assistant after penalty decision

Sir Alex Ferguson has brandished the assistant referee’s performance against Tottenham Hotspur as “shocking” after not giving Manchester United a penalty.

Manchester United looked to be taking all three-points after Robin van Persie put the reds ahead on the 25th minute, but Clint Dempsey slotted home in the 92nd-minute to earn a point for Tottenham.

Sir Alex Ferguson felt that Wayne Rooney had been wrongly denied a penalty after coming on as a second half substitue, SAF not happy with the linesman, not only on the Tottenham match, but in past matches as well.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Sir Alex said:

“The stand-side linesman never gave us a thing all day, for me, it was a poor performance by him.

“Why he never saw the penalty kick on Wayne Rooney and some of the other decisions…

“We remember him well from the Chelsea game (last season) when Drogba was three yards offside and he gave him onside.

“I think he had a shocking game today. I’m disappointed in his performance, I really am. I think he had a bad game.”

Sir Alex Ferguson did, however, still have praise for the Tottenham Hotspur, whose second half performance deserved a point.

“You’re 1-0 up with a minute to go and we’re comfortable at that stage,” he added.

“But Tottenham have worked their socks off and you have to give them credit. You can’t deny them a point because they’ve worked ever so hard for it.

“We’d got used to them pumping balls into the box. You’d have thought we’d have dealt with it better.

“And on the counter attack we should have finished them off. It was the final ball letting us down and we should have been better than that.”

Watch Sir Alex Ferguson’s post match interview here

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7 replies on “Sir Alex Ferguson fuming with referee assistant after penalty decision ”

While Ferguson is an outstanding coach he is poor loser and an obnoxious one at that. In the assessments of the incident both during and after the match, it was NOT a penalty and when I think of the favouritism that MU received in the match with the referee missed nudges, blatant pushes and shirt pulling not to mention the numerous, dubious OT penalties in the past I have to laugh.

Remove RVP and even 3rd would be difficult for MU.

Is Ferguson losing it? Too early to tell but the RM matches should decide that. No great coach lasts forever and his time is running out.

In the OT win we deserved it but we had to defend against a dominant MU.
In this match I have never seen MU on the back foot for so long for decades.Certainly we have improved but MU have declined and the fact thar Carrick isyour dominant CMF says much.
I know that you lot want him to stay forever but IMHO he should retire at the end of this season when he wins the PL as he will. I am sure that no one wants to see him embarrassed as have been many who stayed too long.

I doubt that Jose will freeze at OT so be ready for a reality shock and realise just how lucky you have been.


Find Ferguson’s comments amusing, and also good news for Spurs: He is not quite so condescendingly pleasant about Spurs as in the last ten years, is he? I guess we can now give Manu a real competitive game.
Comments about officials stealing the game for Manu a joke: Ref let Manu get away with murder, and they blatantly fouled are wingers at any opportunity. Evra got a real run-a-round by Azza, and was lucky the ref didn’t see the off the ball foul on him when already on a yellow. Of course, Ferguson doesn’t mention that…

Sometimes I do wonder if this wonderful site is for the MUFC fans or the ABUs…. What a turn off.

All other teams need to take a course from Spurs – To learn how to foul behind the officials’ back. Most of them have gone unpunished.

It’s not the lads’ best performance, but I have no complaints. It’s never easy playing against 13 men anyway. I am sure it’ll be a easy win if it’s a FAIR game.

Absolute bull effluent CCSG!!!

And you know it!!

I just watched a replay and the unnoticed fouls were about 4 to 1 in MU’s favour. Kagawa, Evra, Rafael, Jones, Cleverly and Ferdinand although the latter had fewest of the pushing, shirtpulling, nudges while in cynical tackles you beat us by 4-0.

I once had respect for MU but that was in Busby’s time.

Face it!! Niggling football and a whining ferguson…MU slipping.

I love how we defend well at OT and MU were dominant is the headline.
Now we are dominant and MU defend well is the headline.
Still have the media brown nosing MU.

Make the most of this season!! Once RVP is hurt MC will be close
and Ferguson knows that he is slipping. Doubt me?
Look at RVP and subtract him and see how you fair.

I cannot believe how people can comment that it wasn’t a penalty against Rooney, and you can see the video on this page of the incident, which clearly shows Rooney being tripped inside the box, is beyond me.
At the time of watching the match, i didn’t think at first that it was a penalty. However, watching the looped video on this page clearly shows it was a penalty and the Spurs player made no contact with the ball, and tripped Rooney inside the box. Fergie is right to take issue with the Ref’s assistant not seeing this incident and reporting it to the Ref as a foul inside the box.

Caulker had his foot on the ground first and Rooney tripped over it. Have another look a the timing. That was why it was not and will never be a penalty.
I find it funny how you lot cry over the “penalty” when only your GK and Ferdinand kept you in the game. That would worry me a lot more.

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