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Video: Luiz Suarez is laden with controversy, says Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson commented on Luis Suarez on Friday ahead of Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford this Sunday.

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2 replies on “Video: Luiz Suarez is laden with controversy, says Sir Alex Ferguson”

What is it with you Manc’s and your obsession with Suarez? Don’t you think it’s about time you started going on about your own team instead of mine. You say you want to move on from situations that happened in the past. But how can you move on if that all you ever fucking talk about? Jealousy wont get you anywhere!!! And then you seem to question why we comment on your sites. Well if you stopped going on about our players and team maybe we wouldn’t have too.

Liverpool are finished as a top club , Midtable is where they belong now , A Struggle from season to season to keep a decent position in the table is Liverpool’s only hope.
I see Suarez at Man City or Chelsea next season as Liverpool battle to stay on the Premiership.

Utd are so far ahead of Liverpool it’s frightening.

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