Picture: Manchester United 2013 / 2014 away shirt leaked?

Is this the new Manchester United 2013 / 2014 away shirt?

Manchester United Away Shirt 2013 / 2014

Manchester United Away Shirt 2013 / 2014 (2)

Manchester United Away Kit 2013 / 2014

These photographs have been leaked around the internet as the brand new Manchester United away kit for the 2013 / 2014 season.

Last month we revealed the new rumoured home kit which can be seen here.

Manchester United Home Shirt 2013 / 2014

Back at the start of December the heads of marketing, merchandise management and Sir Alex Ferguson were present at Old Trafford for the unveiling of the designs for next season which included a new home, away and third kit.

It was strongly rumoured that this plain black kit with black collar and sleeves will be Manchester United’s away kit for next season, with the current white away one replacing the current blue and black design as third kit.

The 2013 / 2014 season will be the last one in which AoN will be Official sponsors of Manchester United’s kits, directly from the 2014 / 2015 season car manufacturer Chevrolet will be taking over in a £357million deal that will run until the summer of 2021.

If this is indeed the correct design for the new Manchester United away kit, what do you think?

Manchester United Away 2013 / 2014 shirt

Away kit pictures credit: @arhnilham

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23 replies on “Picture: Manchester United 2013 / 2014 away shirt leaked?”

COME ON NIKE! YOU ARE SO UNIMAGINATIVE! BORING EVEN! Why are you soooo obsessed with checkered shirts! Whoever designed this should be fired because all they did was zoom in on the current home shirt and changed the colour! The current away shirt has a touch of excellence about nothing outstanding and boldly ridiculous but elegant hues is United’s colours! If your running out of ideas Nike, I can give a few of mine! I’m sure a 5 yr old can doodle a better design than that rubbish your trying to make money of! DISAPPOINTING!!!!

Yes we are for one more season. I have seen the shirts at the inter sport buying expo, and I can guarantee that these are next year shirts.

This cannot be next years shirt as the Crest is still the same, Man Utd have a new crest for 2013/14 season onwards with 3 stars on top for the 3 European championships we have won.

I really do not like the look of the away kit. Worse than the current home kit. The new home kit on the other hand.. looks delightfully cantona-esque 😀

i don’t think this is the actual kit as we have something like a away kit circle with blue-white-black. the current 3rd kit is blue, the away kit white. therefore next season we’ll have a black away kit, the white acts as 3rd kit and the blue one vanishes for one season.

It’s a fake!! 😉

It’s missing the “Mancunian motto” that should be inscribed inside the neck. Besides, the “Authentic” tab on the bottom is a generic one that some Chinese kit producers unwittingly use.

The away kit for 2014 won’t have that neck. 😉

These are the shirts for next year fact, I have seen them, along with the barcelona striped kits in blue and red and a shocking yellow and red

“Ronaldo”, you believe everything you see on the internet?

First, the United away kit for 2013/14 won’t be released to the public until August 2014, much less gone into production yet. The home kit already has, with a scheduled release date of May 2014, hence the teaser photos in the previous article.

Second, that shirt in the above photos is a Chinese-made forgery, and for six good reasons:

– One, that neck design is a Nike template from last year. Nike has a new neck design in-store for the away kit, and yes, I HAVE SEEN IT!
– Two, the club crest and Nike logo (poorly-embroidered mind you) are positioned incorrectly in relation to the standard layout of the seventh and eigth-generation Nike/United shirt template – a dead giveaway!
– Three, the Mancunian motto – a standard feature on all Nike/United kits since 2010, is missing inside the neck. Another dead giveaway.
– Four, Manchester United will no longer be using the Gingham pattern in their kits after this year. That has already been clarified by the club itself.
– Five, the Nike “Authentic” tab in that photo is a generic one; a cut-and-paste version that some black-market producers often use.
– Last, I can tell definately tell you that the master template of United’s away kit for next year wasn’t put together on grandma’s sewing table. Whomever came up with that forgery obviously didn’t have the wit to hide the background they were working on. 😉

Note, this won’t be the first time some over-enthusiastic producer has tried to get the jump an anticipated kit and its release, especially to capitalize on early shirt sales. Just take a look at the pirated junk that has been realeased over the years.

Production of United’s away kit will only begin in April, so expect some teaser photos of the team’s actual kit come May.

So, you still believe everything you see on the internet?

hi,my name is Prince Ofosu from Ghana,i honestly don’t like our home kit,the whole “bottoms” thing is not a great idea,i say we go 4 something a bit more comfortable and similar to our 2012/2013 away shirt,it makes movement easy,and its very beautiful,thank u.

I’m Seno from Indonesia. I heard Mu was released a new logo for 2013/2014.
Classic logo but remind us about glory of Manchester United

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