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Javier Hernandez is a role model to young footballers

Sir Alex Ferguson has described Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez as the perfect role model for any young footballer looking up to players in the modern game.

Hernandez scored his 10th goal of the season on Wednesday in the thrilling 4-3 victory over Newcastle United at Old Trafford, worked very hard for 90-minutes and never stopped running on the shoulder of the last man.

Sir Alex Ferguson has stated how he give 100% in training all the time and is a fantastic role model for kids:

Speaking with MUTV the boss said:

“Chicha has been doing it all season, every time he’s played, he’s contributed. He’s got 10 goals yet he’s not playing every week.

“He could’ve scored four or five on Wednesday. For the first goal, the keeper stopped his shot and then he hit a post, had a header saved by the keeper and went around the keeper but had one blocked. He could’ve scored five goals!

“His effort and enthusiasm to play is absolutely fantastic. He is a great example to anyone who wants to be a footballer really. Every training session is exactly the same. Every training session, he gives 100 per cent. It’s refreshing when you get a young man with that attitude to play football.”

Hernandez himself has explained how perseverance pays off and why it is important to remain patient for opportunities at Old Trafford.

“If you stand there and regret every chance you miss, then you’re never going to be concentrated for the next opportunity”

“That’s part of the game; you’re never going to have the perfect game, never going to score five goals from five opportunities, that’s the beauty of football and the most important thing is three-points. Here there are no heroes. It doesn’t matter if I score in the last minute or we score four goals, the most important thing is we got the three points and Manchester City lost their game.

“If you ask all the players in the world, they’re always going to tell you that they want to start every game, but here the competition is inside the team in the biggest club in the world. You have to be aware as well of the other players. There are five strikers here, they want to be part of the game and the only thing I need to prove in one minute or in 90 minutes is that I want to be always the same.”

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2 replies on “Javier Hernandez is a role model to young footballers”

Hernandez needs a run in the team to get fully confident. I believe if his confidence is 100% then he will score more goals. The lad has got us 10 goals already but I believe he can finish the season with 20-25 goals this season. If we can get that from him, along with Van Perise and Rooney, then it will go a long way to helping us win the title this season.

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