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GIF: Robin van Persie ball to the head from Ashley Williams

Having been fouled, and lying on the floor, van Persie had the ball smacked off the back of his head by Ashley Williams, leading to an on-field brawl.

Williams has claimed he was trying to clear the ball, but the whistle had been blown at least a second beforehand, which may not seem like much, but is definitely enough time for a professional footballer to decide not to kick the ball. Sir Alex dramatised the incident after the game stating “Robin van Persie is lucky to be alive. It was a disgraceful act from their player, he should be banned by the FA. Robin could have had a broken neck.” which is a frankly ridiculous summation of events and, in true Sir Alex style, is clearly designed to detract attention away from the final score.


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4 replies on “GIF: Robin van Persie ball to the head from Ashley Williams”

It is NOT an overstatement – you don’t know what you’re talking about. The only reason some people pouring water on it is that Van Persie managed to walk away from it. He could just as easily be dead on confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

. Look at the head snap as his head takes the full force of the kick to the back of the head. Had it been more lateral God knows where Van Persie might be now had his neck snapped sideways against much weaker muscles.

The fact that Williams did this under normal circumstances would have been bad enough. The fact it occurred a full second after the whistle had been blown is shocking and should be punished. The FA won’t though, because it’s too spineless. Never mind that the next time it happens might have serious repercussion is a moot point to them.

You’re right. That’s why I’m so glad the caring Alex Ferguson rushed RVP off the pitch immediately for him to be checked out by doctors. Did you see the way his head snapped? It’s the only responsible thing he could do after suffering such a life threatening event.

What’s that? He didn’t take him off? He let him carry on for the whole game?

Oh. Well either Alex Ferguson doesn’t care about the health of his players or he an idiotic liar trying to deflect the blame away from himself because his team of very expensive superstars couldn’t beat a pub team like Swansea City.

I don’t know what to believe now?

To be fair to Sir Alex I have seen a lot of players die through being hit on the head by a football. Most weekends there is a fatality, so I am surprised they don’t ban heading the ball or possibly even kicking it. He has highlighted a serious problem and now the great man has spoken I think we need to act.

Your manager is becoming an embarrassment and should be punished. Nice to see a Utd fan being able to see what’s gone on.

Utd didn’t win. What shall we talk about? Rooney? Valencia? Man U’s god given right to take three points from rubbish little team like Swansea?

Naah. The attempted murder of a Utd player and the rightful banning of the perp for a very long time. And the abject performance of a young ref who didn’t let Utd win.

Classy man isn’t he?

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