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Carrington: Improvements continue to United's training facilities

This last weekends trip to Carrington to see United’s u18 team defeat Sunderland 2-0 provided RedMancunian with an opportunity to see how the improvements to the club’s training facilities were progressing.

Manchester United received planning permission for a raft of changes to Carrington, which is on green belt land, including a a new security lodge, changes to the vehicle entrances and exit, a new road within the site, an extended car park, a large two-storey extension to the main building; a new two-storey grounds team and visitor centre facility; two caged training pitches, and a new building for parent spectators.

In addition to the above, United have also erected a massive neon sign with the club’s name on, which will be lit during hours of darkness – presumably to let all the people travelling down the dead-end country road after dark know where they’ve arrived…

The sign is particularly puzzling given other improvements made to the facilities with the aim of increasing security such as the creation of high artificial banks of grass aimed at allowing the first team, reserves and youth teams to train in private.

A selection of photos can be found below, and RedMancunian will be following the progress of the building works, which were due to finish in November, but are now behind schedule, at each home academy game.

The new entrance

The security booth

The ‘Manchester United’ sign


The Academy building

The First Team building (the differentiation in roof colour marking where the extension has been added)

The viewing platform

The artificial walls


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