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Manchester United Season Ticket Booklet 2012 / 2013

Manchester United have confirmed that there will be a price freeze on all season / match tickets for the 2012/2013 season

Download a copy of the Season ticket priority booklet by clicking here.

A few additions and schemes have been made also for next season including a pricing bracket for 18-20 year old’s

Stand Full price Age 18-20 Over 65 / Age 16-17 Junior
North and South Upper Centre £950 £712.50 £380 N/A
North Stand Upper Wings £893 £669.75 £380 N/A
South Stand Upper Wings £893 £669.75 £380 N/A
North Stand Tier 2 Centre £836 £627 £380 N/A
North Stand Tier 2 Wings £798 £598.50 £380 N/A
North/ South Lower Wings £798 £598.50 £380 N/A
North and South Lower Centre £836 £627 £380 N/A
North East Quadrants Tier 2 £798 £598.50 £380 N/A
North West Quadrants Tier 2 £798 £598.50 £380 N/A
North East Quadrants Tier 1 £722 £541.50 £361 N/A
North West Quadrants Tier 1 £722 £541.50 £361 N/A
East Stand Upper £703 £527.25 £351.50 N/A
West Stand Upper £703 £527.25 £351.50 N/A
East Stand Tier 2 £703 £527.25 £351.50 N/A
West Stand Tier 2 £703 £527.25 £351.50 N/A
Family Stand £665 £498.75 £332.50 £190
North Stand Tier 3 £646 £484.50 £323 £190
East Stand Lower £532 £399 £266 N/A
West Stand Lower £532 £399 £266 N/A
Singing Section £722 £541.50 £361 N/A

*Singing section price(s) are an estimate, fully confirmed price from the ticket office will be in due course

Subject to certain exceptions, Season Ticket Holders are required to purchase a ticket for all home cup matches and must provide card details which will be used by the club to make these purchases.

The number of home cup games to be played will depend on how successful the team is, and whether it is drawn at home. The minimum number of home Cup matches which Season Ticket holders are required to purchase a ticket is three.

The maximum number is fourteen. This would only be the case if Manchester United reach the semi-finals of each of the UEFA Champions League, the F.A. Cup and the League Cup and are drawn at home in every round of the latter two competitions.

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