Pep Guardiola claims Manchester United “couldn’t afford” Bayern players

Pep Guardiola had every right to speak about a particular Manchester club in his press conference today, his team; holders of the Bundesliga title and the German Cup are currently preparing for their opening match of this seasons UEFA Champions League against Manchester City.

But somehow the leading point that was taken from that conference, which took place this afternoon, revolved around Manchester United. Of all days to talk about Manchester United, today was probably the least appropriate. The opening day of the UEFA Champions League group should have stimulated talk about teams that were actually competing. Its well documented that Manchester United will not be playing any Champions League football this year for the first time in 19 years (Nice one, David)

Pep Moyes

The Bayern boss claimed that clubs should be more wary of the Champions League’s importance. According to Pep, the fact that Manchester United finished 7th last season has culminated in the club losing its power to buy big players.

Despite having a net spend of £122 million (which has exceeded Manchester United’s net spend significantly in comparison to the last 5 summer transfer windows) the Spaniard claimed that Manchester United, ‘didn’t have enough money’ in order to purchase any Bayern Munich players. It has been well publicised that the likes of Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben were all pursued closely by Ed Woodward and Co.

Pep Guardiola is essentially dismissing the idea that a club who shelled out £153.1 million on 5 players (Shaw, Herrera, Rojo, Di Maria and Blind) don’t have ‘enough money’ to buy players of a reasonable quality.

It’s a real testament to the size of the club if you think about it. For some reason people can’t stop talking about this ‘insignificant mid-table team’ Manchester United has absolutely no right to be talked about as much as they are, teams that are supposedly superior are being completely marginalised by the media.

Liverpool back in the Champions League after 5 years? Nobody cares.

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Mourning the loss of Danny Welbeck


  1. THEY now claim we are a mid-table team and yet can’t Stop talking about us? Lol. Let it be known dat Man Utd are adored, hated but never ignored.

  2. Dear Leo,

    This is confidential so keep it to yourself, but things are not always what they seem. Danny boy has gone behind enemy lines on a secret mission to sabotage Arsenal’s season. Danny is not working for them, he’s working for us! He’s our man at the Emirates.

    It is all part of van Gaal’s cunning plan to get United back into the top four. Unfortunately to avoid too much scrutiny, Danny had to be sold rather than loaned. The brave little lad knew there was no coming back. He’s made the ultimate sacrifice. So far he has done brilliantly, said all the right things about dreaming of being a gooner, played well enough in his games not to arouse too much suspicion but not too well so as to aid the enemy.

    Come the end of the season and United is victorious in its top four quest, we will remember the lad from Longsight and drink to him in a toast, no matter how posthumous that might be.

  3. Everyman,

    As an ardent Danny Welbeck admirer, I really do thank you for this theory. Welbeck’s interests lie with one club only, and they’re situated nowhere near North London

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