Should United keep Danny Welbeck?

The name Danny Welbeck symbolises something different to almost every football fan throughout the world. With some the strikers name may bring a broad smile to their face, others may just want to cry when the Englishman’s name is read out on the teamsheet, whilst some may simply have a little chuckle to themselves. However, surely every team needs a Danny Welbeck?

Football fans whine constantly about the lack of loyalty in modern football. Contradictory to this, if a player shows loyalty but perhaps lacks the attributes to be amongst the very elite of footballers, they too also get slated. With the exception of a rarity, you cannot have both. A lot of Reds would quite happily see Welbeck nudged out the door this summer, losing a player with sheer passion and determination to play for his local boyhood club, perhaps placing him with a foreign mercenary with a big name such as Edison Cavani. That is not in the footprint of Manchester United Football Club.

The England striker was unfairly targeted by sections of England support in the build up to this summer’s World Cup and in honesty can sometimes receive the same treatment from pockets of Old Trafford on occasions. Perhaps people should pose this question to themselves, how would Robin Van Persie and Javier Hernandez perform out of position on the wing? In fact, how would Wayne Rooney perform out on the wing? Not very well judging by the evidence shown in Brazil.

This is where the 23 -year-old’s future needs to be decided. He cannot continually be played out on the flanks otherwise his career, club and national team will suffer. As much as it pains myself to use Liverpool as an example here, they halted the deployment of Daniel Sturridge’s past deployment as a wide player last season and in fairness they reaped the rewards. Welbeck actually chalked up 13 goals for both club and country last year, pretty respectable when playing predominantly out wide. During United’s Christmas schedule he was utilised in his true position as a frontman due to both Rooney and Van Persie suffering injuries. The Reds profited as the striker got 6 goals in 9 games. It is a complete myth that the number 19 cannot finish. Like every other striker the footballing world has ever seen, Welbeck needs a run of games to produce the goals that only confidence can assist him with.

United’s new manager Louis Van Gaal may present Welbeck with a huge stumbling block however. The Dutchman historically only operates with one frontman in his team, and although this can be adjusted to suit the players available, every man and his dog can see that Robin van Persie will be the 62-year-old’s main man this season. It may very well be my way or the highway under the guidance of’ ‘The Iron Tulip’, with Welbeck again forced to play out wide or sit forbearingly on the United bench craving the slightest opportunity that may come his way. Any chance of game time up top and he will have to snatch it with both hands.

It could possibly be time to sell. It certainly wouldn’t be any burden on the players career to cut his losses, bite his lip and seek challenges elsewhere. Without question Welbeck could become a talisman for a lot of Premier League sides. It may be his only option to amplify the longevity of his England career. The underlying issue here however is that United wouldn’t be sufficiently rewarded in the transfer market. With 32-year-old Rickie Lambert valued at £4 million, 26-year-old Adam Lallana valued at £25 million after just one good season, and that waste of space Andy Carroll once valued at £35 million, then what is Danny Welbeck worth at just 23-years of age? If United wanted to buy an English striker of Welbecks nature they would undoubtedly have to stump up top dollar, so why should they accept anything else when flogging one?

Moments of brilliance last season like that beautiful chipped effort away to Swansea and that dink over the keeper to top off a lovely United move away to West Brom evoke the Danny Welbeck we all know and love. Perhaps we can see more if given a proper chance. Fairly or unfairly this is a defining season in the Englishman’s Manchester United career. He either needs to be starting regularly in his best position by the end of the season or needs to reap the rewards from his fantastic experience at Old Trafford, pack his bag and search for pastures new.

With two arrivals already this summer, a foreign manager appointed for the first time in United’s history and plenty of big name signings rumoured to be on the cards, Manchester United must stick to their ethos and continue to give youth products and local lads the chance to wear that famous red shirt. Otherwise the history and meaning of this great football club will be lost and the Reds may become just any other club. Danny Welbeck symbolises what Manchester United is about, youth, desire, passion and a commitment to succeed despite not always possessing the greatest of talents. Gary Neville is a prime example and conveys the underlying factor that every club needs a Danny Welbeck.


  1. No….let him go……PLEASE!……..reminds me too much of Luther Blisset…….very inconsistent……nice kid……but if offer is circa 15/20 m……grab it……then sign Cavani and sell Chico too…..but if the Spurs/Everton Carpet baggars come in….the fee should be circa 27.5 to 31 m…..and do not let him go until the 31st August…………

  2. i was at welbecks first ever game….he recieved a simple pass… bounced off his knee….i said then he wasnt a united player……sadly i was proven right…he is symbolic of tthe dark years of “theres no value in the market” and “welbeck and cleverly are the future” that sir alex and gill spouted out while letting our squad weaken significantly………..that isnt welbecks fault…….however united need real quality….and he isnt that…let him go elsewhere and they can rave at his 12 goals a season (1 the season before)……good riddance….symbolic of the englishs obsession with work rate and power over talent finesse and control…..and we wonder why we struggle at world cups.

  3. the biggest problem with welbeck is the most common problem with most english players save for scholsey, beckhs, gazza and lampard. they never fulfill their potential, they are stuck at the same spot forever and they never improve.
    1. i watched welbeck when he was a youngster, and it’s sad to say that he still does what he did when he started playing in the carling cup. he still makes bad decisions the same thing he was doing years ago.
    2. when i first saw cleverly i thought we had found the new scholsey, but he has never lived up to what we expected of him.
    3. ashley young, the least said about him, the better.
    4. when ronaldo joined us he was termed the Portuguese rooney. in other words rooney was rated higher than ron. though rooney has played so well for united and england, he has never lived up to his potential because he was supposed to be a ballon d’ or winner at some point in his career.
    5. looking at other players from other teams like walcot, joe cole, gerrard, wilshere, oxlade-chamberlain, etc, those players are not improving at all. they are still playing the same way they were playing when they first broke into the scene, others are now even worse.

  4. No he such a poor ineffective player, not gettin any better but fsct is he getting worst, no gl threat, doesn’t create, weak and poor control.out pporest player,out of his depth and had to be sold for benifit of dvdrylne involved cos he shit.

  5. There need not be any doubt about Danny welbeck, for his stature he should stood above his shoulders, but unfortunately he has been picking crumbs below the table. I dont think there is big talent in him, inspite being used during the last season, he has not made any personal inroad, like any of the strikers in european football. So he could be used as a substitute if they dont want to use him or if he could find greener pasture in England i think he could go. I dont think he could go any where out into europe, for he lacks that standard.

  6. Wanting to play for United but not being good enough isn’t just Welbeck’s problem. There are approx. 76,000 regularly at Old Trafford who want to play for United but aren’t good enough.
    Welbeck is lucky in that he has been given a chance. He has proven that he is not good enough so he has to go, simple. There is no room for sentiment, the team needs to win matches and to do so needs players who are above average, so this rules out Welbeck, Fellaini, Smalling, Rafael, Nani, Cleverley and now, due to age, Fletcher and Carrick.

  7. Welbeck is not United quality and needs to leave as he will only be a second rate squad player at Manchester United. I have watched over these 6 years and he rarely impresses’ and does little in the big games especially over last 3 years. We hear all this bull with him that he runs but everyone of them is paid to run, he haves no ball control, his balance is poor, he fails to make any real impact in games, this thing that he brings pace/power is just a myth, shooting abilities fail to impress, he is easily knocked off the ball, he is fond of the English arts of diving which is embarrassing and he is intact worse than the 17 year old who debuted 6 year ago. He is 24 in November and is not a special player anymore, far from that and will only be a squad player at Manchester United if he stay’s so it is in his best interest to leave this club for a new. I fail to see what the welbeck fans some how think he is good enough, being local does not give him the rights to be here when better players are sold, the time has come to remove this rather average English player from the club. Let him be a regular 2-10 goal a season forward at some lesser club where he will have a chance to be a main man in the player. Time to sell welbeck for 10-15m, a good deal for a average squad player.

  8. Sorry to the article writer but welbeck plays regularly, one of our most played over last 3 years and constantly gets game time but simply not deserving or good enough, time to sell this average player

  9. Welbeck gets picked because of his work rate and ability to win the ball… Why not transform him into a central midfielder like with Alan smith… Cant see how this wouldn’t work given his age and desire to play in a Utd shirt…just a thought?!

  10. Of course he could not play under a pressure because he is very young. Playing consintanly could improve him more and more. He played at the club since he is a boy. Even he suck, we could put a little trust and respect.

  11. Big clubs like United need sizeable squads to compete on all fronts. That means more than one player for each position or at least players who are flexible enough to play more than one role. Welbeck is ahead of Chicharito in that department and given RVP’s questionable fitness (for a whole season), then Danny boy is going nowhere.

  12. If United sign Cavani (or any other big money striker) and sell Welbeck that means that all went to hell. 95% of United fans are clueless and gloryhunters and their opinion shouldn’t be relevant. Welbeck played under Fergie and Moyes regularly, unfortunately for him in the wrong position. And he plays for Hodgson as first 11 member. And he scored 13 goals last season! As a third striker! If that’s isn’t good for United then there’s no point to discuss. All these Chinese, Arab and Indonesian “fans” thinking they know better then actual coaches, well just piss off.

  13. He is a total sheet.I doubt that shit will ever leave the club n any other clubs will bid for this eternal extreme shit.go to hell.can’t believe UTD keep these morons for ages n give chances. Team has forgot it’s class,vigor, the kind of players they used to have. Pls God help

  14. He should stay he is only 23 and has the ability to become a great player. He just needs to start playing as a striker anyone who doesn’t think that is a idiot

  15. I think I’d be inclined to sell him.His technique lets him down re his final touches and attempts on goal.He gets in excellent positions but can’t finish as regularly as he should.

  16. Wellbeck is of average quality. Could make a name for himself in the
    Championship, maybe at Brighton or Leeds. We need to clear out a lot of dead wood or we will continue to struggle just to make the top ten!
    Right now van Gaal is under a lot of pressure to bring in the right players to get the team back in the top four to play Champions League football.
    Van Gaal is 62, time is not on his side. I would have gone for Antonio Conte.
    Conte is a brilliant young manager. But van Gaal will do well because the players he is bringing in are over 26 years old, experienced, proven world class players. At 62 years old he has no time to bring in young players or players from the academy. His mission is to get the team in the top 4this season or he will be shown the door like Moyes.

  17. The reason Welbeck is played out of position is because he isn’t good enough in his natural position. I have lost count of the amount if times he has gone clean through only for him to trip over the ball or run it out of play.

    He’s got a great work ethic and is a great team player but unfortunately a centre forward he is not!

  18. Rooney at the age of 23 was played wide and he excelled.So comparing an 28yr old Rooney playing outwide is not valid!!

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