Community Shield 2013 Seating Plan

Community Shield 2013 Seating Plan

community shield seating plan

Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic

11th August 2013.

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13 Responses to Community Shield 2013 Seating Plan

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  2. Ashley Jamieson says:

    I am trying to buy some tickets for myself and two young mad utd fans but having no luck. Where can I get some please? The prices I have seen so far are mad prices

  3. I.chemil says:

    I need to buy tickets for Manchester utd vs Wigan and I don’t know how or where so no idea , please help
    Thank you

  4. Rafal says:

    Hey, in my Booking Confirmation ther’s info about seats. It says 6 205 and 6 206. Do you know what that means? I don’t think is sectors 205 and 206 because they were not for sale to United fans, am I correct?

    • Rafal says:

      Ok, I’ve got it. The columns are mismatched. I understand it means row 6 and seats 205 and 206. The sector is Band 1 which is, I understand, yet to announced, right?

  5. Rafal says:

    @Nicholas: nope, just a OneUnited member. No use for me buying a Season Ticket ’cause I don’t live in the UK on a permanet basis.

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