Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

RedMancunian fully respects your privacy. Please be assured that any information that you provide, particularly your e-mail, either through the submission of newsletters, e-mails, or by registering on the RedMancunian forum, or any data that is gathered automatically for information about the site’s audience is for our own internal use only or to enable us to respond to your feedback or contribution or manage your membership of the website.

You have our guarantee that we will never pass on your details to a third party without your permission except in circumstances where we are required to do so for legal reasons based on content you yourself have posted on the site.

If a competition is run where they need you information, we will make sure that you are informed.

Editorial Policy

We are often criticised for publishing articles from our contributors that espouse controversial opinions or are overtly critical of Manchester United FC. RedMancunian assumes an open-door policy with regard to submissions and contributions. This website is provided by Manchester United fans for Manchester United fans which means that we provide a forum for you to air your views, whether we agree with them or not.

We always welcome reader responses that challenge any viewpoints espoused in the articles we publish and often we will counter such pieces with arguments of our own. Our expanded line-up of RedMancunian authors aims to provide a wider spectrum of viewpoints but, as is of often the case, it’s critical content that gets seized upon as evidence of perceived or inherent bias.

Please note: Just because we publish an article does not necessarily mean we agree with the views of the author.

All materials published on RedMancunian may be subject to a editorial review. This usually comprises minor text editing and formatting for web layout, page presentation, and readability. Spelling, grammar, and other errors may be corrected during this process. Content will rarely be changed as part of the editorial process, unless the meaning is unclear or obscure, statements made expose us to liability, or where the content is either abusive or similarly deemed unacceptable conduct. We may add links to other websites or to other pages on RedMancunian, as we deem appropriate.

External Linking policy

RedMancunian provides current links to anything which we deem newsworthy or of potential interest to Manchester United fans. Where possible, a link is always provided to what we consider to be the primary source, both underneath the story or at the end of the article’s page. Where there is multiple coverage, we endeavour to link to the more reputable organ (eg Sky Sports, BBC etc). The purpose is to lead you to the source, particularly when there is not sufficient time for us to publish our own report.

Comments Monitoring

Comments submitted by readers to articles on are not vetted or moderated at the time they are posted and go live on the site at the time they are submitted.

Reports that a posted comment is deemed offensive or otherwise unsuitable will be evaluated and the offending text removed at the earliest available opportunity. Be aware, however, that this may not be for a period of hours depending on the time of day and the availability of the site owners.

Comments submitted to the site are the sole responsibility of the author and the site owners take no responsibility for them until or unless we receive a report of concern.

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