Media Temple Review

Media Temple Hosting Review

The RedMancunian: Manchester United Website has proudly been hosted by MediaTemple since we launched back in the summer of 2012. With a huge number of website hosting companies around to choose from, we investigated all services in depth before choosing to go with Media Temple and below is a small review:

If you are reading this review, then you are either searching or thinking about which hosting provider to go with, picking the correct one is the critical start-up point in running any successful website. We get many emails coming in every month, asking how to replicate the speed and uptime that we have on RedMancunian, and we always respond with the same answer, you cannot find a better website hosting than Media Temple.

As the website owner, I have been making various websites and using different hosting providers for many years, these include JustHost, GoDaddy, FastHost and 123-reg. When the brainstorming started after the team got together to discuss creating the RedMancunian website, it was clear after speaking with various experts in the website and CSS field that sticking with our previous hosting of JustHost would not be an option due to various downtime and maintenance issues experienced over the years.

Our good friend, logo creator and CSS designer @TheDevilsTweets works with big clients from all over the world creating and maintaining websites, he didn’t have a bad word to say about MediaTemple – Thus why we chose to move all website files over to our new server before we launched.

Below are a few pointers about the hosting that can hopefully help you in your decision on whether to open an account with Media Temple or not, we promise you that this article is not sponsored by Media Temple at all, but we will be honest with you, the discount codes through the links at the bottom of this page are affiliated to us, meaning that we will gain a small fee which goes towards the hosting of this website once you sign up – So if you find this article helpful & use a discount code on your hosting, please go through our links as every little helps us on our hosting costs 🙂

Continue to the end of the review to find out how to get your hosting for less with various Media Temple discount codes & vouchers.

Media Temple Review

Very Affordable Pricing

So you are starting a website, the likely hood of you having lots of money to chuck into it are very slim, but with everything in life, you get what you pay for. You can easily find many services on the internet that will serve you for as little as $50 for the whole year, fantastic pricing, Yes. Quality service and 99% website up time, No.

When starting out back in 2012 we opted for Media Temple’s lowest option, which is ‘The Grid Package’ which is priced at $20/month and is more than sufficient to run a small to medium website that receives under 750,000 page views per month depending on website file size and GPU usage.

In September 2013, due to the popularity of the website and monthly page views over 1.4million we decided to transfer and migrate to a VPS (Virtual Private Servers) which was a fantastic move as website speeds and even SEO scores improved on our very own dedicated server, the cost for this service is $50 per month and includes the Plesk dashboard, a fantastic way to configure and maintain your hosting and websites.

If you are starting out though, then we more than recommend the grid service, take advantage of everything that Media Temple offers for the lowest pricing, also discount codes and vouchers at the bottom of this article to get it for even cheaper!

Media Temple 24-Hour Support

Media Temple is an American company, but when it comes to customer service and support they have their geniuses on hand, whether it be via telephone, email, website chat, instant message or even on social media website, twitter.

We have never really had a problem in which we have had to use the support, after migrating to our dedicated server we were in constant contact with Media Temple through their website chat facility and they were fantastic. No question unanswered.

This is one of the factors that puts Media Temple way ahead of their other competitors, you will never have a problem with their customer service and they are always happy to help on HTML, CSS or server troubles and questions.

Media Temple – WordPress

As many of the websites around the internet these days, WordPress is the platform that many choose you to use, as do we!

We are proudly using WordPress as our website operating system, with Media Temple they have many functions once you have signed up, including one-click applications for free which includes WordPress. Easy, simple, effective!

Media Temple Vouchers & Codes

Right… You have got to the bit that you want! Give me a discount!

There are always new vouchers that keep popping up for various discounts off Media Temple hosting packages, we promise to update this page if and when new ones come in, below are the ones that have been working through-out 2013. First of all, click here to go to the MediaTemple website through our link, remember as above you will be helping us out and we very much appreciate all the help we can get.

Next, when you get through to the payment page after selecting which hosting package you wish to take up, enter one of the voucher codes below, if one doesn’t work then enter another one until you get a discount, this discount is added for every month or yearly options, a great bargain!!!

Latest 2015 Media Temple Voucher Codes 

20% Media Temple Voucher

10% Media Temple Voucher

50% Media Temple Voucher

30% Media Temple Voucher

25% Media Temple Voucher

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through the Media Temple review and we hope that you enjoy your new hosting if choosing to take one up, tell your friends if you did get a discount, enjoy 🙂

Media Temple Discount Voucher

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