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The Manchester United Ticket exchange is run by the fans for the fans.

There will be times throughout the season when you cannot make it to Old Trafford to use you Manchester United tickets, due to holidays or other commitments. If so, don’t let your seat go empty and lose out on the cost of your ticket.

RedMancunian have set up a Manchester United fan-to-fan ticket exchange in a mission to sort fellow reds out who are ticket-less and also to combat the rising touting which goes on at football grounds around the country.

This Manchester United ticket exchange will give reds the chance to Buy, Sell and Swap tickets that they can’t use themselves.

You may not offer tickets for sale for a higher price than the face value of the ticket.

You may not offer to buy a ticket for a higher price than the face value of the ticket. We accept that buying tickets may seem like a gamble, like putting a bet on by going to to Betfred, but we want to create a fantastic community for all Manchester United fans to be safe.

Postage costs are accepted but must be fair.

If you swap tickets with markedly different values, you must make up the rest of the money to ensure a fair swap.

Offenders will be banned, not only account but your IP will be banned too, permanently.

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