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Manchester United & Antony agree to "period of absence"

Manchester United’s forward, Antony, is set to step away from representing the Red Devils, following the ongoing allegations made against him. The 23-year-old finds himself facing accusations from his previous partner, who claims he assaulted her multiple times. Two additional women have further raised allegations against him.

Brazil had already taken the step of omitting Antony from their recent international squad, and currently, both Sao Paulo Civil Police and Greater Manchester Police are deeply engrossed in their investigations.

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Although Manchester United had initially acknowledged the unfolding situation without specifically stating that Antony would be sidelined during these investigations, the current narrative has shifted. The illustrious club, boasting 20 English titles, recently declared that Antony has decided ‘to pause his participation until further clarity emerges regarding the allegations.’

The decision, which ensures Antony neither plays nor trains with the squad, is a mutual agreement reached between the player and the club. It’s worth noting that Antony hasn’t been officially suspended but is on an agreed leave of absence. Erik ten Hag, Manchester United’s head coach, was privy to these discussions, as reported by The Independent.

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The club, in a statement on their official website, highlighted, “Manchester United is cognisant of the allegations surrounding Antony. Those players who did not partake in international duties are expected to resume training come Monday. Yet, in line with the agreement, Antony will postpone his return until there’s a clearer understanding of the allegations.”

Manchester United went on to underline their firm stance against any form of violence and abuse, emphasising the need to protect all parties involved and acknowledging the ramifications such allegations might have on abuse survivors.

Antony, in a subsequent statement, shared, “Manchester United and I have come to a joint decision that I take a hiatus whilst these allegations are addressed. This mutual conclusion is to sidestep any undue attention to my colleagues and prevent unwarranted controversies surrounding the club. I remain steadfast in professing my innocence and shall fully support the police in their quest for the truth. I am eager to make my comeback to the pitch at the earliest.”

Gabriela Cavallin, Antony’s ex-partner, however, expressed her discontent over Manchester United’s choice to not officially suspend him amidst these allegations. The accusations span incidents alleged to have occurred in both Brazil and Manchester, with a particularly grave incident supposedly transpiring in a Manchester-based hotel earlier this year.

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