United Review: Moyes Needs Time and Support

When Sir Alex Ferguson told Joel Glazer about his decision to retire at the end of 2012/13 season, there was an “unanimous agreement” that David Moyes will take over the managerial helms at Old Trafford. Both believed the Everton manager was the right man for the job. But six months into the 2013/14 term and many fans have started to doubt the Scot’s ability to manage a club of United’s stature.

The Red Devils sit seventh in the Premier League, are out of the FA Cup and trailing in the League Cup. For the first time since 1932, United have lost their first three games at the start of the year. In addition, Newcastle United, West Brom and Everton have gone on to win at Old Trafford after a gap of 41, 35 and 21 years respectively. Swansea City recently triumphed at United’s abode for the first time in their history.

However, rather than calling for his head, fans should give Moyes the required support and time.


Moyes has inherited a squad that was over-performing owing to Ferguson’s influence.

Manchester United is Alex Ferguson. When he leaves, the club will lose 30 to 40 per cent. So much depends on him,” Anderson said in October 2012. So the slump under Moyes just shows how Ferguson had elevated an average team into Premier League champions.

Frankly, United’s players are not good enough and the nominal impact of key players this term has only made the matters worse for Moyes.


An Achilles injury sidelined Carrick for six weeks and United gave away ten points in that period. Robin van Persie has missed several games as well and in his absence, United have endured six defeats, scoring just four times in those games. Former United winger Willie Morgan has stated that van Persie was the difference between a mid-table finish and the title for United last season. It’s hard to argue otherwise. Add to this, the poor form of Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, who won’t be handed new contracts if replacements are purchased in time in the summer.

Thus, it’s safe to say, Moyes needs time to build a team that can compete at the highest level.

Currently, he possesses a squad in decline.

Not to forget, as Andy Mitten states in his column, Moyes is tasked with managing everything at United.

The manager has an awful lot on his plate…He’s in charge of overseeing player recruitment, the youth system, transfers, everything. At other major clubs there’s a sporting director…,” states Mitten.

Therefore, Moyes might just need a little more time to get a grip of the things at Carrington.

Many fans have even gone on to blame Moyes for the summer transfer fiascos, which is ludicrous to say the least.

Moyes joined United on July 1 and he couldn’t do so earlier because United didn’t buy him out of his contract at Everton (something they are regretting now). So, in the eight weeks, Moyes had to familiarize himself with the scouts, understand the team, identify the weak spots and target the players. He also had to resolve Rooney’s future and bring his own backroom staff from Everton.


As a result, United’s transfer activities got delayed and when Moyes did start picking out the players he wanted, the inexperienced Ed Woodward couldn’t negotiate the deals. 

In general, United have witnessed a massive overhaul so immediate success is difficult. New manager, new Chief Executive and a new backroom staff with no previous connections with the club. Moyes has given Phil Neville and Ryan Giggs coaching roles to bridge the gap between the players and the new coaches and manager, yet patience is still the key.

Reports have started to emerge that some of the players are not training properly and questioning Moyes’ credentials for the job.This can’t work. They are publicly backing the manager but not performing on the pitch or in training.

Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic are already considering leaving the “sinking ship”, van Persie has had arguments with Moyes regarding the latter’s intrinsic training methods and Ferdinand questioned his manager’s team selection on national television.

From what it appears, players might be taking the situation rather casually, something which is unacceptable.

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Surya Solanki is a freelance football writer covering the Premier League and African football. Being an avid Manchester United supporter for the past ten years, something always motivated him to go beyond just being a spectator, and gradually he began blogging about his views. He is currently a Manchester United critic at Goal.com and a correspondent for Football.com.


  1. Not sure I agree. Moyes has done so many things wrong. He has not given certain players a chance. He’s terrified to change anything. He hasn’t managed to improve De Gea. He sticks with Fletcher and Cleverley even though they provide nothing. Our team is so consistently bland and predictable because he’s eliminated all the players capable of doing something different, like Nani, Zaha and Anderson. You do need some of this type of player in a team or you will get found out.

    Moyes sacked the best coaching staff we’ve had in years, and he brought in Giggs as a coach and Fellaini as quite possibly the worst signing in the club’s history.

    Now he’s considering a major overhaul of our team’s exciting players, leaving in all the boring rubbish. He won’t be able to keep hold of Rooney or Van Persie.

    United are in disarray. Moyes needs to go as soon as possible.

  2. The inexperienced Woodward couldnt negotiate the deals.What the hell is one of the greatest football club frigging about with an inexsperienced chief executive for?IT,S TRUE David Moyes has had everything against him,form,injuries,tactics and even decisions on the pitch.The press has given him som stick and yes the man deserves more time,like it or not.Just because the establishment of ManU has decided to back David Moyes and his backup and fired the old backup does not mean fans should be passive when they buy a ticket and just accept that United are not performing .They see what they see,they know what they want and they bloody well have a right to expect value for Money..The thing is that fans today are not the only revenue coming in.Who wants to buy a ticket to see a load of crap.OK a couple of impressive games could do the trick,so no sob storry for David Moyes he is a big boy.Best of luck United

  3. You appear to be blaming United’s current situation on everyone else and anything else other than David Moyes. That position is questionable to say the least.

    What is this “unanimous agreement” to which you refer? Whose agreement are you talking about? Board level perhaps, but the wider United fan base? .

    Having been given the job, I agree that Moyes is entitled to more time than half a season. However I do question his judgement and decision-making since he has been in the job and I do question his track record and credentials for being appointed United’s manager in the first place.

  4. Actually, this is BS. Just because SAF said so doesn’t make David ” dud” Moyes the right man. The table doesn’t lie. And why only this man needs time when so many newcomers doing so well? Just look at Mourinho, Pellegrini, Guardiola, Ancelotti, Blanc, Martino…You see the connection? They have all won major trophies. And Moyes? Need we say more? So, please get off the over-crowded SAF band wagon. After 250m pounds being wiped off Utd’s market value, I’m not sure the Glazers are still so much in love with SAF.

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